About Vietnam Business Forum Magazine

1:41:56 PM | 7/22/2019

Vietnam Business Forum Magazine (VBF), the magazine of VCCI, hit the news-stands in 1995. Since then, it has gained increasing interest of the business community, entrepreneurs, managers, and policymakers across the country and in the world.

VBF magazine publishes 04 issues per month, including two in English and two in both English and Vietnamese, focusing on in-depth features of the country's economic performance and investment environment, international relations between Vietnam and other countries around the world. VBF has successfully supported the business community, economic sectors and industries, provinces and cities across Vietnam to connect with potential foreign partners and expand business relations, partly promoting Vietnam’s trade and investment. All the contents and information of VBF reserved over the past 25 years have become a valuable business information source and a huge database of companies in Vietnam which is available online at www.vccinews.com to better serve the business community, leaders of central and local authorities, and especially foreign investors.   

VBF also produces premier publications serving the business community as well as promoting trade and investment between Vietnam and other countries around the world, such as Vietnam’s Investment Potential and Opportunities; Vietnam Exporter Directory; Vietnam-Japan: Strategic Partners, Fine Relations; Vietnam’s Economic Regions: Potential and Investment Opportunities; Economic Zones, Industrial Parks, Export Processing Zones and Hi-Tech Parks in Vietnam; especially publications in celebration of VCCI’s anniversary with its latest edition being “VCCI: 55-Year Journey for Business Development” and many others.

In addition, the magazine also organises many major business-matching events to create a platform for enterprises to meet and initiate business contacts. Remarkable events included Vietnam – Singapore Business Forum, Vietnam – Japan Economic Summit, series of golf events for businessmen in Vietnam, Vietnam – China Seminar on Agriculture Cooperation, and International Medical Cooperation Promotion Conference in Vietnam, Program on Supporting Exporters in Vietnam with a series of activities in 2018-2020 and others. These events have helped Vietnam’s companies establish partnerships and expand international cooperation and received high appreciation from the Governments and business communities of the participating countries. In the framework of these events, several cooperation agreements were signed.

In the coming time, VBF will step up coverage on external affairs, closely follow major political, economic, social events and programmes, introduce the potential of provinces and cities, and reflect the difficulties of the business community to relevant bodies. VBF will also accelerate its activities to further support the business community.