Nghe An Int’l Tourism Gastronomy Culture Festival Draws 30,000 Visitors

2:01:49 PM | 7/26/2019

Nghe An International Tourism Gastronomy Culture Festival 2019 has wrapped up successfully. Taking place from July 17 - 21, this is considered one important cultural and tourism event in the province. The festival attracted about 30,000 visitors.

The festival featured more than 100 booths displayed by exhibitors from 20 provinces and cities across the country. Particularly for Nghe An, the event provided a good opportunity for enterprises and localities to introduce and promote specialty dishes such as mussels of Lam river, nereididae of Hung Chau, noodle soup with fish paste of Quynh Luu, sea cucumber of Dien Chau, and banh duc of Nam Dan.

According to a quick survey by the Organizing Committee, 67% of exhibitors were very satisfied, 26.7% were satisfied with the organizer. 83% were satisfied with their target and 17% were more pleased than expected.

Giang Tu