Tenants in Khai Quang IP: Business Aligned with Social Responsibility

2:06:27 PM | 11/18/2019

Khai Quang Industrial Park, based in Vinh Phuc province, has become attractive to investors, especially foreign investors. Many tenants in the park achieve good business outcomes and exercise their social responsibility to the locality.

Vietnam Precision Industrial No.1 Co., Ltd (VPIC1) of Taiwan has invested US$60 million in Vietnam since 2002. VPIC1 is the first investor in Khai Quang Industrial Park. After nearly 17 years of development, from a producer of automobile and motorcycle parts for big brands such as Toyota, Honda, Yamaha and Ford, with its right business strategy, VPIC1 has achieved many important successes, thus making a positive contribution to local socioeconomic development. For sustainable development, the company always pays attention to protecting the working environment and the ecological environment, applying scientific and technological advances to production and business.

Aware of the importance of aligning business development with corporate social responsibility, every year, the company actively joins charitable activities like donating the Children Supporting Fund, the Agent Orange Victims Fund, the Blind Fund, the Vinh Phuc Gratitude Fund, Hoang Sa Support Fund, Truong Sa Support Fund or presenting New Year gifts to local disadvantaged families, supporting worker families in the flood-inflicted central region, and granting scholarships to poor students.

Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd. is a 100% Korean-owned manufacturer of electronic components for mobile phones, computers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, printers and automobiles. In recent years, Jahwa Vina has focused on charity work. In its development strategy, all of Jahwa Vina's goals are building a better community and society. Every year, Jahwa Vina spends VND1-2 billion for meaningful charitable programs and community activities.

Mr. Lee Jong Young, CEO of Jahwa Vina, affirmed that for a business to develop sustainably, it must work for the community. Therefore, the company's corporate social responsibility programs not only ease hardships faced by disadvantaged and unlucky people, but raise the company’s position. That is a solid foundation for Jahwa Vina to achieve success and sustainable development.

Going into operation in 2011, Haesung Vina Co., Ltd, a wholly South Korea-invested company, has affirmed its position in Khai Quang Industrial Park. Currently, the company is employing nearly 3,000 workers, each of whom is paid an average monthly income of VND 6-7 million.

Not only having effective business operation, Haesung Vina also wants to contribute to local socioeconomic development. The company always cares about the material and spiritual life and welfare of employees. Every year, the company coordinates with the Social Protection Center, the Blind Association and the Agent Orange Victims Association to launch charitable activities, give gifts to the poor, disabled people and orphans.