Theme and Priorities of Viet Nam’s 2020 ASEAN Chairmanship Unveiled

11:26:45 AM | 11/19/2019

Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Dung unveiled the official theme and top priorities of Viet Nam’s 2020 ASEAN Chairmanship at a press conference on Monday.

Accordingly, the theme of the ASEAN Chairmanship 2020 is “Cohesive and Responsive”, in which Cohesive reflects the need to enhance ASEAN unity and solidarity, economic integration, ASEAN awareness and identity, and work toward a “people-centered” community.

Meanwhile, Responsive underlines the importance of promoting ASEAN pro-activeness, creativity and capacity in response to opportunities and challenges brought about by rapid changes in regional and global landscape.

Dung, who is Secretary-General of the 2020 ASEAN National Committee, said Viet Nam figured out five key priorities for its ASEAN Chairmanship Year, which shall follow ASEAN’s goals enshrined in the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and build upon the themes and priorities set by previous chairs

Dung said the first priority is to strengthen ASEAN unity and solidarity, reinforce ASEAN centrality and promote its active contribution to regional peace and stability amid strategic complexities.

Secondly, intensify ASEAN’s economic integration and connecvitity; better equip ASEAN economies and its people to adapt to the dynamic changes from the 4th Industrial Revolution and the digital economy.

Thirdly, promote ASEAN identity and awareness about the ASEAN Community among the people.

Fourthly, enhance ASEAN’s global partnership for peace, stability and sustainable development.

Fifthly, increase ASEAN’s institutional capacity and effectiveness.

As the Chair, Viet Nam will host about 300 meetings, noticeably the ASEAN Summits in April and November, Dung said.

2020 will be the significant year for ASEAN and Viet Nam as the bloc will conduct mid-term review of the implementation of the Master Plan on building ASEAN Community by 2025 while Viet Nam will take over non-permenent membership of the UN Security Council.