Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authorities Effectively Supporting Businesses

1:59:10 PM | 12/18/2019

In recent years, together with reforming administrative procedures, supporting and facilitating tenants to develop in industrial parks, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authorities has been working closely with all relevant bodies and localities to effectively assist them to recruit and manage workers.

With its functions and tasks, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authorities has always effectively carried out contents related to labor management in industrial parks approved by the Vinh Phuc Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Vinh Yen City People’s Committee, the Binh Xuyen District People’s Committee. In addition to assisting businesses to recruit workers, every year, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authorities issues guidelines and instructions, presses tenants in industrial parks to adhere to labor regulations, focusing on problems and difficulties usually faced by them like signing employment contracts, stipulating working time and rest time, and applying mandatory regional minimum wages. In this way, workers' rights are protected; labor relationship in industrial parks becomes more and more harmonious; problems in labor relations are marginalized. No industrial strikes or collective labor disputes occur, helping businesses stabilize and grow production.

The 100% South Korea-invested Optrontec Vina Co., Ltd, based in Ba Thien II Industrial Park, manufactures electronic components for major electronics manufacturers in the world such as Samsung and Oppo. In the early days, the company found it hard to recruit workers, especially females. Supported by the Vinh Phuc Employment Service Center and the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authorities, the company has employed over 650 workers for manufacturing activity. A worker is paid VND8.5 million a month on average.

The Wholly Hong Kong-invested Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TAL) located a 34-production line factory in Ba Thien II Industrial Park. Its main products are shirts exported to the United States and European markets. The company is creating stable jobs for nearly 3,000 employees, each of whom is paid an average monthly salary of VND7 million. In order to retain workers, the company proposed Vinh Phuc province have a preferential policy to support businesses to build housing areas for experts and workers. The province should also open bus routes to Ba Thien II Industrial Park in general and to the company in particular and have policies to support businesses to recruit workers.

Mr. Bui Minh Hong, Director of the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authorities, said, to ensure enough labor for local enterprises, Vinh Phuc province has assigned specific tasks to relevant agencies to build housing for workers in industrial parks. The Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authorities and concerned agencies regularly update recruitment needs by local enterprises and seek to recruit workers in neighboring provinces; open and adjust bus routes and stops to match with working hours and shifts of workers. At the same time, tenants in industrial parks need to have specific employment plans to help the locality and relevant bodies to direct and guide worker training and job counseling appropriately; increase the rate of employed male workers; and introduce appropriate policies to retain workers.