Positive Changes in Administrative Reform

2:05:36 PM | 12/18/2019

In order to promote the attraction of resources to enhance socio-economic development, and to facilitate business development, Thai Binh province has issued the Public Administration Reform (PAR) Project, improving the business environment, improving the competitiveness of Thai Binh province until 2020 and the following years (Decision 1316/QD-UBND dated May 27, 2016 of the Provincial People's Committee). With the synchronization and determination of the whole political system; with many solutions and active activities, after more than three years of implementing the Project, Thai Binh has obtained remarkable outcomes.

First of all, the implementation of PAR has been strongly implemented in all six operational areas, specifically, the review, publication and publicity of administrative procedures (AP) at three levels of provincial - district - commune authorities. Up to now, most departments and agencies have announced standardized AP under the jurisdiction of 3 levels of 1,797 procedures; including 1,439 procedures at provincial level; 251 procedures at district level; 107 procedures at commune level. Reviewing and proposing solutions to minimize the time to resolve AP at both provincial and district levels and to standardize AP by industries and fields have reduced the implementation time of all AP by 50% compared to with the rules. The AP are publicized on the provincial portal, websites of agencies and units, and public administrative centers at the provincial and district level, the divisions receiving and returning results at commune level. 100% of AP are implemented at Public Administration Centers, creating favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to search, exploit and use them conveniently and accurately. At the Provincial Public Administration Service Center, 100% of departments and agencies have registered to implement the AP settlement process under the “5 on-site” plan with 1,208/1,456 sets of AP registered by departments and agencies. The electronic inter-office network system has sent and received electronic documents via a 4-level document management system. The rate of text going and coming completely on the network environment is 97%. The whole province has issued 2,417 digital certificates to organizations for filing electronic tax declaration and social insurance online; 2,503 individual digital certificates in state agencies in the province; In addition, departments, agencies and local  authorities have issued electronic processes to implement online processing of documents at level 3 and 4.

Besides, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Thai Binh has also made significant improvement. In 2016, Thai Binh achieved 57.72 points, ranking 40th  out of 63 provinces; in 2017 it increased to 61.97 points, ranking 34th  out of 63 provinces and cities and then in 2018, it increased to 63.23 points, ranking 32th  out of 63 provinces nationwide. Although the score increase is not large, the trend is clearly more stable than in previous years.

Thai Binh has always determined that attracting investment is the most important solution, thereby maximizing the advantages as well as creating the most favorable conditions for businesses to invest and develop production and business. The province is implementing many special preferential policies to attract investors to cooperate and do business. Thanks to the positive administrative reform, improvement of the business investment environment, attracting investment and business development is increasingly achieving high results. In the first 11 months of 2019, the province approved a new investment policy, adjusted the investment policy for 130 projects, with a total newly registered investment capital and an increase of more than VND16,700 billion, 2.5 times that of the same period in 2018. This included seven foreign investment projects, bringing the total number of FDI projects to 85 projects. The province granted new business registration certificates to 788 enterprises and 97 branches and representative offices, with a total newly registered capital of over VND7,900 billion, up 10% in the number of businesses and up nearly 2.4 times in terms of registered capital over the same period. In the whole province, there are currently over 7,930 enterprises and representative offices, with a registered capital of nearly VND74,200 billion, including a number of large domestic and foreign investors researching and investing such as Joint Venture of Truong Hai Automobile Co., Ltd. (THACO) and Loc Troi Group, Hai Phat Investment Joint Stock Company, IDICO Corporation, Viglacera Corporation.

The PAR results, improvement of PCI and the increasingly better situation of attracting investment show that the Project on "administrative reform, improving business environment, enhancing provincial competitiveness of Thai Binh to 2020 and subsequent years” has been implemented effectively, contributing to promoting socio-economic development of the province.

Duc Binh (Vietnam Business Forum Magazine)