Building Distinctive Corporate Culture: “Military Company on Economic Front”!

10:22:09 AM | 1/2/2020

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the All-People National Defense Day (December 22, 1989 - December 22, 2019), the 75th founding anniversary of the Vietnamese People’s Army (December 22, 1944 - December 22, 2019) and the advent of the New Year 2020, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Phan Tien Tho, General Director of Defense Economic Technical Industry Corporation (GAET), shared a heartfelt conversation on the success and development approach of GAET brand in the current period of international integration. Hoang Tham reports.

As a soldier on the economic front, how has GAET promoted the soldierly cultural identity and aligned it with the corporate culture in the current period of strong international economic integration?

We build a distinctive corporate culture for a military-run enterprise. In particular, our corporate culture is built on the compliance with State laws and military disciplines, expressed by professional working manners on the one hand and the spirit of self-reliance, dynamism, creativity, enterprise, and readiness to receive and successfully complete all assigned tasks on the other. In order to create that collective strength, we always take care of every member, and promote comradeship, team spirit, and compassion of every member to make them feel that GAET is their second home and it is worth for them to devote to the common development goals of the company.

Could you tell us about your strong and distinctive fields of activity?

GAET is a multi-business company. In addition to performing economic tasks, we also carry out functions and tasks of a military enterprise. We focus on two important strategic political tasks: Military trading and industrial explosive material trading. These two important operation fields enable us to build the trust and the name of GAET brand and make it a powerful military enterprise.

In military trade, adhering to guidelines and long-term orientations of the Ministry of Defense, GAET focuses on three main areas: Procuring new modern equipment and facilities for the army to train combating capabilities; transferring technology, repairing, calibrating and upgrading weapons and military equipment; and exporting military products manufactured by Vietnam to implement the early, distant national defense strategy. Besides, we have well proposed and advised the Ministry of Defense to approach and select prestigious military equipment partners in the world for modernization of the Vietnamese defense industry. As a result, the role and position of GAET has been affirmed, trusted and highly appreciated by the Ministry of Defense, all military units as well as large domestic and foreign partners.

In industrial explosive material business, we have created trust and imprints in key national projects such as Hai Van Pass Tunnel, Son La Hydroelectricity Plant, Dong Nai 3 Hydropower Plant, Dong Nai 4 Hydropower Plant, Buon Kuop - Dac Lac Hydroelectric Power Plant, and Ho Chi Minh Road. This is assessed as one of 20 typical service providers of Vietnam's petroleum industry.

With other business fields such as trade, vocational training, labor export, industrial production and transportation, GAET Corporation has affirmed its competitiveness and foothold in the market.

With the spirit of self-reliance, self-resilience, dynamism, creativity, and active integration to play an important part in building the defense industry, building the “revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modern” army, and contributing positively to the cause of national economic development, GAET has been honored with many noble prizes and titles such as Labor Hero, Second-Class Labor Order, the Third-Class Military Medal, the First-Class National Defense Medal.

You have just been honored with the Thanh Giong Cup 2019. How do you feel about this award and recognition? In order to manage and run an enterprise effectively, in your opinion, what are the core factors?

The Outstanding Entrepreneur Award - Thanh Giong Cup is a prestigious award. This appreciation and recognition will be a strong motivation for me to further improve and strive to obtain more achievements while promoting my capabilities, intelligence and efforts for GAET development in particular and for the cause of national defense development and national economic development in general. With the soldierly pride, we - GAET soldiers - will always strive to successfully implement our planned goals assigned by the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense.

In order to effectively manage, command and run the business, in my opinion, “The most important is to keep our prestige, not only to customers and partners but also to each employee in the company, because, for partners, prestige improves its competitiveness against other competitors on the market; it helps the company to secure sustainable development; it helps attract and retain skilled, experienced employees, encourage them to promote their talents and intellect to turn the company into an unanimous entity working for the common goal of corporate sustainable development. Prestige needs to be built with a long-term and persistent effort, from the sincere mind of its great leadership. Actions always speak louder than words. GAET employees and I personally are still striving and self-improving ourselves every day.

Could you share more about GAET's development orientation to uphold the virtues of Uncle Ho's soldiers on the economic front?

Practically, we have affirmed our position and role as an outperforming military enterprise on the “economic front” in the past years. The admission of GAET to the Ministry of Defense in April 2017 when the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense was stepping up the reorganization of military enterprises reaffirmed our sustainable development over the years.

This was an important milestone that marked our maturity and new development step. In a new position, we aim to maintain our position as a strong military – security enterprise in the army, reform and restructure our operations to uplift our position and competitiveness in the international market in order to successfully carry out foreign policies of the government and the Ministry of Defense.

To conduct fruitful restructuring and successfully complete two tasks of national defense and economy, we have worked out specific strategic directions to create our own sustainable competitive advantages like focusing on developing military trade and business of industrial explosives; boosting our advantageous and competitive business activities in the market; reducing ineffective activities; reshuffling the apparatus, considering merger and restructuring units of the same functions and fields of activity to raise operational efficiency and competitiveness. We directly manage business activities, and simultaneously perform the task of guiding, directing and strictly controlling member units through our key business, financial and personnel strategies, investment, training and technological upgrade. Our streamlined member units are organized neatly and linked closely together to create a product value chain.

Thank you very much!

As a military – security enterprise administered by the Ministry of Defense, Defense Economic Technical Industry Corporation (GAET), and Senior Lieutenant Colonel Phan Tien Tho personally, have not only made a vivid impression in the Vietnamese business community but also created a strong ripple effect in the international arena after winning many prestigious and prominent awards such as Vietnam Golden Star Award, ASEAN Business Award, Top 20 Competitiveness Brand Award; Golden Products - Golden Services, Top 50 Renowned Brands of the Year, and Top 10 Most Trusted Enterprises and many others. Personally, General Director Phan Tien Tho has been continuously honored with various awards such as the Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Defense (2015 ), Certificate of Emulation Soldiers of the Army (2019), Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the General Department of Politics for outstanding achievements in the “Working Excellence” Emulation Movement in 2012 – 2017, the Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Defense for outstanding achievements in 5-year implementation of the “Promoting the tradition, devoting talent as true Uncle Ho soldiers” Campaign in 2014 - 2019, the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Defense for 10 years of building the All-People National Defense in 2009-2019. Remarkably, in 2017, as a business executive, General Director Phan Tien Tho excelled the Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs to garner the Vietnam Red Star Award from the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association and the Vietnam Outstanding Entrepreneur Award - Thanh Giong Cup 2019 from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).