Speeding up Construction of Key Transport Infrastructure

10:38:31 AM | 1/2/2020

In the last days of the year, investors and construction units of transport infrastructure in Vinh Phuc province are speeding up the pace, determined to complete and put new roads into use, helping the province basically complete the framework of urban infrastructure by 2020.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Nam from Bao Quan Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company, the construction unit of Ring road 2 project in Vinh Yen city, said: Bao Quan is always ready to mobilize maximum force and means for implementing projects ahead of schedule. Currently, at the locations of the first and second packages, the unit has completed the construction of road base, vertical drainage, horizontal drainage, graded aggregate macadam, and graded aggregate macadam with cement stabilized. Particularly from the beginning of December until now, the unit has focused on asphalt courses of road surfaces, sidewalks and strived to finish the construction of sidewalks, lighting systems, green systems before December 31, 2019.

At the Ring road 3 project, Yen Lac - Vinh Tuong section, two joint operation contractors including Ket Hien Trading Co., Ltd. and Quang Hung Co., Ltd. are also speeding up the process of organic peeling, sand piling and soil filling for compression load. Mr. Van Hoang Long, Deputy Director of Ket Hien Trading Co., Ltd. said: The Ring road 3 project, the section of Yen Lac - Vinh Tuong started construction from March, 2018, with a length of 3.4km, from km7 + 22.66 to km10 + 621. The project is invested by the Provincial Traffic Construction Project Management Board and will be completed and put into use in September, 2019. However, similar to the section of Huong Canh - Yen Lac, in the process of construction of Yen Lac - Vinh Tuong section, the two joint operation contractors encountered many difficulties due to the rough ground and the project went through many swamps which required time to monitor, settle soft grounds and build two bridges and hundreds of large sewers. Especially, so far, Yen Lac District People's Committee has just handed over about 1.5km of ground so the project could not be completed according to the plan and was forced to apply for an extension.

Also according to Mr. Long, with the prestige and capacity of the company, as long as it has ground, it is ready to mobilize maximum human resources and machinery systems to build ahead of schedule.

As for the project on parallel road with railway, the section from Nguyen Tat Thanh road to Highway 2C, the Northern route, after more than two years of implementation, with the efforts of the investor and the construction unit, the construction of 1.6km/1.8km of this project has been completed. Currently, the construction company is focusing and striving to complete the drainage, lighting and sidewalk before the Lunar New Year.

In 2020, Vinh Phuc will continue to spend about VND 62.991 billion of public investment in the transport sector to implement the works and projects.

Not only the three projects above, currently dozens of other transport projects, investors, construction units are focusing their efforts and mobilizing the maximum force and means to execute, striving to complete, put infrastructure into use as planned, especially the works to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the province and the successful seventeenth provincial Party Congress. According to the Department of Construction, more infrastructure projects have been completed and put into use in the province such as: The project on parallel road with the railway, the section from Kim Ngoc road to Vinh Yen bus station, the Northern route of Hanoi - Lao Cai railway, The urban road project combining dyke to prevent swamp water from golf course to Yen Lac - Vinh Yen road, Phase I, Water supply pipeline project from Tam Duong water plant to Tay Thien scenic area, the project of Ring road 3 in transport development planning, section from Huong Canh to Yen Lac town.

Thanks to the transport infrastructure invested and built on a relatively modern, synchronous and interconnected scale, having high links between localities in the province and the Northern provinces, the Red River Delta region, Vinh Phuc has created competitive advantages in infrastructure in attracting investment, industrial development.

Thanh Nga (Vietnam Business Forum)