Deep Impression on Visitors

10:03:00 AM | 22/5/2020

Quang Nam tourism is gradually being shaped by practical policies as well as many unique tourism products, making Quang Nam a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Specifically, in the period 2015-2019, the average growth rate of tourist arrivals of the whole province was estimated at 19.27% / year, while the average social income increasing by 24.5% / year.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong, Director of Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said: “In the recent time, the province has made efforts to successfully complete its assigned tasks, especially following the implementation of Decision 1685/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on the approval of the Scheme "Restructuring tourism industry to meet the requirements of development into a key economic sector". Specifically, the province has issued and implemented many Decisions, focusing on investment, supporting development of tourism, construction and improving the investment environment in the area. Along with that, the industry is particularly interested in creating mechanisms, policies and resources for tourism development as well as developing human resources, tourism products, linking and promoting tourism.”

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong said that what makes Quang Nam really leave a deep impression in the hearts of tourists is its success in building a tourism environment - implementing the Civil Code of Conduct for tourism in Quang Nam. At the same time, it has closely followed the motto that the government and people look in the same direction; namely, well implementing propaganda, raising awareness for people of all strata, mobilizing people to voluntarily participate in building a movement to preserve environmental sanitation, security and order, social safety, to maintain civilized and friendly behavior with tourists. Quang Nam is always interested in refreshing itself, focusing on investment, building and development of tourism products to attract and extend the stay of tourists. In 2018, the industry advised the provincial People's Committee to submit to the provincial People's Council for promulgating Resolution 47/2018 / NQ-HDND dated December 6th, 2018, of the provincial People's Council on a number of policies to support the development of mountain tourism in Quang Nam to 2025, it is an important basis to promote the development of mountain tourism and diversify the provincial tourism products. Not only that, the linkage and cooperation in domestic and international tourism development have strengthened the image and position of Quang Nam in general and tourism in particular, contributing to attracting investment and promoting other industries to develop. In particular, the linkage model of Quang Nam - Da Nang - Thua Thien Hue proposed by Quang Nam province has been chosen by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism as a model to be published to the whole country. The tourism image of "3 localities 1 destination" has become an effective advertising brand, further confirming the tight and borderless link of the tourism industry. Quang Nam also enlisted the support of international organizations in tourism development such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and International Labor Organization (ILO).

Based on the successes achieved, the industry is determined to continue advising effective mechanisms and policies to develop tourism in Quang Nam province in the coming time, such as advising the provincial People's Committee to submit to the provincial People's Council for promulgating tourism development program of Quang Nam province in the period 2021 - 2025, and the project of supporting community tourism development in Quang Nam province until 2025.

By 2025, the province expects to welcome 12 million visitor arrivals, with an income of VND 26,000 billion, direct labor from tourism will reach 28,000 people, about 830 accommodation establishments will be developed with 17,900 rooms. The industry will gradually show a clear role as the "conductor" leading the game with specific directions. It is to build and comprehensively develop tourism in the province, typically in the North of Quang Nam (such as developing Hoi An into a typical tourist area nationwide; developing Cu Lao Cham and My Son to become national tourist areas) - in the South of Quang Nam (speeding up the investment in tourist areas at Phu Ninh Lake, Tam Thanh Beach and Tam Hai Island as nuclei for the Southern region) - in the West of Quang Nam (improving the quality of services in existing community-based tourism villages, researching and creating tourism products in association with community-based tourism villages, opening tourist routes with Laos). According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong, as a general economic sector, it requires the province to focus more deeply and comprehensively so that tourism can develop and truly become a key economic sector. Besides, it is necessary to create high quality, diversified and branded tourism products, bearing the local cultural identity and capable of competing with other provinces in the region and the whole country.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum