FDI Value Reaches US$13.89 Bln in Jan-May

9:52:02 AM | 6/10/2020

Foreign investors spent US$13.89 billion investing in new investment projects, increasing investment value for existing projects and purchasing corporate shares in the year to May 20, down 17% year on year, said the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

By sector, foreign investors invested in 18 sectors. The processing and manufacturing industry drew the most FDI in the reviewed period with US$6.88 billion, accounting for 49.5% of the total investment value, followed by the electricity production and distribution sector with US$3.92 billion (accounting for 28.3%). The retail and real estate sectors came next with US$945 million and US$801 million, respectively.

By investment partner, 96 countries and territories invested in Vietnam from January to May. Singapore took the lead with US$5.31 billion, accounting for 38.2% of total registered investment fund, followed by Thailand with US$1.45 billion, accounting for 10.5%. China ranked third with US$1.27 billion, accounting for 9.1%. By project, Korea ranked first with 325 projects, followed by China with 176 projects, Japan with 133 projects and Hong Kong with 113 projects.

By Linh Ha, Vietnam Business Forum