Smuggling and Trade Fraud: 1,587 Cases Arrested, Confiscating VND216 Bln

10:15:35 AM | 7/13/2020

According to the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Bureau under the General Department of Customs, smuggling, trade fraudulence, counterfeiting and illegal cross-border transportation of goods were complicated on all road, sea and air routes in the first six months of 2020. They no longer existed in only physical sales channels but also transacted online thanks to e-commerce development. Smugglers use sophisticated methods and tricks such as falsified declaration of goods, falsified declaration of name, tax code, origin, quantity, quality and value of goods; forged documentation, and pre-licensed sale of goods. They also registered for inspection in peak hours and declared goods into priority flows at customs clearance gates. Their acts reduced budget revenue, harmed the business environment, affected domestic production, and threatened social security and order.

From December 16, 2019, to June 15, 2020, customs authorities worked with relevant agencies to arrest perpetrators of a total of 1,587 cases of violation, confiscated over VND 216 billion and collected VND48.65 billion for the State budget. Customs authorities prosecuted six cases and transferred 17 cases to other agencies for further treatment.

Typical cases included the seizure of 103 tons of Chinese traditional medicines valued at US$20,425.4, the arrest of a person carrying four heroin crackers and 6,000 synthetic drug pills. On June 16, 2020, the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Office and the Customs Express Delivery Office - Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department worked with the police of Ho Chi Minh City to probe four parcels suspected of narcotics imported from European countries to Vietnam. The test results found more than 9 kg of MDMA synthetic drug.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum