Potential Cooperation between Vietnam and Finland in Energy Development

10:47:06 AM | 7/28/2020

The Resolution 55 committed Vietnam to a new energy development strategy at the time of global energy transition toward clean sustainable energy. Today’s technology of solar panels, wind turbines and W2e solutions proved their economic and environmental advantage over fossil fuels.
Resolution 55’s orientation of the national energy development strategy would position Vietnam in special advantage of availability of advanced clean technology and eco investment resources. In addition, Vietnam’s geographic position, rapid industrialization and urbanization, and steady development of economy 4.0 contain great potential for RE, clean energy and new energy.
It's very important to effectively and swiftly implement the key task of Resolution 55 into planning and action, especially in the content of PDP 8.
Finland has globally recognized energy technology that meets the core need of Vietnam’s energy development now and coming years in line with the Resolution 55 national energy strategy development. Finland’s government notes Finnish advanced technology, such as Wärsilä with their flexible gas power plant based on internal combustion engine technology, Fortum with emission control technology, and TRIO with complete solution for W2E, provides sound solutions for efficient energy mix development as stipulated in Resolution 55.
Nguyen Mai