Fascinated with Tuc Dup Tourist Paradise

3:08:29 PM | 12/30/2020

Not only being a radiant pride in history, but Tuc Dup is also famous for its captivating art films because of the beauty of “marvelous mountains and elegant water”, charming and poetic natural scenery. Tuc Dup Hill is enthralling because it embraces a chain of the longest and most beautiful natural granite caves in Vietnam. It appeals to tourists far and wide for the majestic and magnificent beauty. In particular, as the Year of Buffalo 2021 comes, Tuc Dup Hill will introduce the masterpiece of “Giant Snake Path”, the most unique construction of king cobra in Vietnam.

The most beautiful cave in Vietnam

According to An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company, the owner of the Tuc Dup Hill Tourist Area), the cave wonder of Tuc Dup Hill was recently recognized as the “the longest and most beautiful natural granite cave in Vietnam” by the Guinness Record. This event reaffirmed that Tuc Dup Tourist Paradise is truly the most beautiful and attractive destination, for both domestic and international tourists.

Mr. Bui Thanh Binh, Deputy General Director of An Giang Travel Joint Stock Company (6th, left), received Guinness Record for “Tuc Dup - the longest and most beautiful cave formed from natural granite rock in Vietnam"

Impressed by the imposing beauty, Tuc Dup caves feature thousands of granite rocks of multicolored mossy shapes. Exploring cave by cave, from C6 Cave (holding more than 150 people) to Medic Cave, Youth Cave, Party Hall, Military Commander Cave, Women Cave, Fairy Cave, and others, you will feel the sense of wild and mysterious beauty of this place. Walking in the caves, sensing the cool and airy ecosystem that functions as a natural air conditioner, listening to the sound of the Mountain God's wine party in the wind, admiring early rays of sunlight shining through cave entrances, and seeing an extremely strong flow of light make you feel like being lost in the fairyland.

The caves in Tuc Dup Hill are also interconnected, looking like a great beehive with hundreds of nooks and crannies spreading throughout the space like a splendid and talented relief of nature.

The masterpiece of spiritual art

In addition to the chain of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam, Tuc Dup Hill also possesses attractive and impressive bow-shaped terrains stretching 3km long to form a zigzag path, winding from the foot to the top of the hill. This was called “Van Ly Truong Thanh” of the Southwest (likened to the Great Wall of China).

To climb to the hilltop to view the panoramic scene of Phung Hoang Son, you have to conquer nearly 500 rugged, winding stone steps as you are stepping lightly on the back of a giant dinosaur. Each season, the landscape is differently beautiful, featured by the charming yellow of blooming flowers or stunning green of young buds in the early spring.

Staying here early in the morning, you will see rocks like eggs being incubated floating white clouds. The drops of night dews are still wetting on the plants and flowers, making Tuc Dup Hill a "masterpiece of spiritual art".

Giant snake path

Not so long ago, the pair of legendary king cobras appeared in Tuc Dup Hill. The presence of the holy snakes is like adding mystery to the sacred hill. Today, although the cobras are living in nature, this place is still their habitat. At the same time, for everyone to admire and understand more about the thrilling stories of this pair of holy cobras, Tuc Dup Hill will launch the Giant Snake Path, the reproduction of the longest cobra in Vietnam and the gate to the wonder of Tuc Dup caves at the end of this year.

The final creation stage of Giant Snake Path

Mr. Hoang Van Thien, Director of Tuc Dup Tourist Area, said, the path of the Holy Snake features a unique architectural design that illustrates the king cobra flying around the hill, with the head looking towards the Seven Mountains that symbolizes kingship and ultimate majesty of the Seven Mountains. The masterwork promises to give visitors a source of special inspiration, like getting closer to Hollywood blockbuster movies of giant snakes.

The path, nearly 100m in length, nearly 4m in width, is made from 31 steel frames, decorated with 10,000 peony pots, colorful enough to make the road more distinctive and attractive. The masterwork will be completed by the skillful hands of skilled artisans. Costing up to VND5 billion, the project is entering the final stages and will be inaugurated before the Lunar New Year 2021. In the warm spring, the Giant Snake Path stretches out to show its beauty and create impressive colors for Tuc Dup Hill. This will be the most brilliant message in the Year of Buffalo 2021 that the investor wants to give to visitors from all over the world.


Source: Vietnam Business Forum