VCCI Hosts 13th Meeting of 6th Executive Board

10:08:35 AM | 3/12/2021

 The 13th Meeting of the 6th Executive Board of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) took place in Hanoi on March 10, 2021.

At the meeting, in the spirit of democracy, openness and responsibility, VCCI executive members made important and practical contributions to reports on operations of the 6th term and working directions and tasks of the 7th term.

According to the reports, in the 2015-2020 term, VCCI successfully and comprehensively completed working objectives and orientations of the 6th Congress. The main activities included conducting insight researches, gathering business opinions, making suggestions on policy and lawmaking, improving the business environment; promoting political advocacy, business meeting and cooperation; organizing events on business training, business development, entrepreneur development; fostering employer representation; boosting trade and investment construction, business support and protection; supporting sustainable business development and social responsibility; strengthening organizational development and technical infrastructure construction.

During the 6th term, VCCI completed the workload 30% more than in the previous term, achieving an average yearly growth of 10%. All work was comprehensively deployed and the quality was enhanced towards professionalization.

In the 2015-2020 period, VCCI researched and commented on nearly 700 draft legal normative documents (an average of 150 drafts a year); joined 214 drafting and editing boards; and joined 390 appraisal boards and projects. At the same time, many important reports such as overlapping law reviews pointed out 25 overlapping issues in the existing law system, which was highly appreciated by the Government and ministries.

VCCI also made many policy recommendations and comments on integration issues such as negotiation plans on entry into EVFTA, CPTPP, Vietnam - Israel FTA, RCEP and Vietnam - Qatar Customs Cooperation. It also recommended the Government on how to act in the context of U.S.-China trade tensions and work out plans for enforcement of VPA/FLEGT and VNTLAS.

Since 2016, VCCI has made 70 reports on the implementation of Resolution 19/NQ-CP and Resolution 02/NQ-CP. The reports have focused on researching, analyzing and proposing solutions for a better business environment in Vietnam.

As a representative of employers, VCCI is deeply involved in amending the Labor Code initiated by the National Assembly and the Government; researched and proposed Vietnam's ratification of ILO Convention 89 and Convention 97 on freedom of association and collective labor agreement. VCCI also participated in the National Labor Relations Committee, the National Wages Council, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health and directly took part in tripartite missions assisting local employers' representative organizations to engage in coordination with local agencies to resolve labor disputes and strikes.

With respect to trade and investment promotion, VCCI has led 561 delegations with 26,330 enterprises going abroad to survey key markets. VCCI successfully organized business events within the framework of the 2017 APEC Summit, the Vietnam Business Summit (VBS), and the APEC CEO Summit. Within the framework of ASEAN, VCCI actively participated in bilateral and multilateral cooperation through the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC), ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ASEAN BIS) and other channels.

In the 7th term (2021-2026), VCCI aims to advise the Party and the State to accelerate institutional reform, improve investment and business environment, and elevate the business environment of Vietnam to ASEAN-3 by 2025. VCCI will strive to support business development in a bid to realize the goal of having 1.5 million enterprises by 2025.

In addition, VCCI will strongly promote its role as a representative for employers in Vietnam. VCCI will also affirm its role as an active member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Chambers Federation (WFC).

 Source: Vietnam Business Forum