PM Orders Consideration of Resuming Int’l Flights, “Vaccine Passport“

10:37:01 AM | 22/3/2021

At the recent online meeting of the Standing Government with the National Steering Committee and localities, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc ordered relevant agencies to map out plans for "Covid-19 vaccine passport" implementation to soon help tourism and aviation sectors recover.

The pandemic is declining and immunization has been deployed on a large scale in many countries and also is being deployed urgently in Vietnam according to the roadmap. However, new and more dangerous virus strains have appeared, so the risk of disease is always constant, without exception of any province, unit or citizen.

The Prime Minister emphasized that if we ignore and are subjective, the pandemic could break out at any time. At the same time, we are determined to continue to successfully implement the dual goals: effectively preventing and combating the pandemic, protecting the health of the people, while bringing life back to normal for economic development in normal conditions.

The Prime Minister asked the ministries, branches and localities to continue to boost socio-economic activities and ensure social security. The second social security package for affected businesses and people continues to be set out in the coming period.

Besides, relevant agencies are requested to synchronously and effectively implement suitable solutions on fiscal, monetary, trade and investment in the coming time to restore and develop production and business, and support people and businesses.

"We understand that some people, some businesses, especially in transportation, services, and tourism face many difficulties. We need to actively implement additional support measures, issue appropriate policies, and restore affected industries, especially tourism and aviation," the Prime Minister said.

For localities, the Prime Minister asked to actively develop anti-pandemic plans, stay ready to respond to all possible pandemic situations in localities.

The Ministry of Health is requested to urgently organize good implementation of Covid-19 vaccination to ensure safety for everybody, toward the implementation of universal immunization, consider accessing different vaccine sources and continue to research and develop vaccines in the country to soon put into use, no later than 2022.

The Ministry of Health shall coordinate with relevant ministries and branches in consideration of the appropriate anti-pandemic measures when applying "vaccine passport".

The Ministry of National Defense shall direct the Border Guards to intensify patrols, supervision and strictly control border lines, border gates and seaports, preventing illegal entry, especially at trails and openings of the border areas. The Ministry is requested to coordinate with functional agencies to strictly handle cases of intentional illegal entry, maintaining strict observance of regulations while performing duties.

The Ministry of Public Security is requested to coordinate with local authorities in strictly managing residential areas. Press agencies provide timely and accurate information on the pandemic situation to warn people not to be subjective and neglect the Covid-19 prevention.

The Prime Minister also ordered the relevant ministries and branches to review and study step by step reopen international routes, well prepare plans to apply the "vaccine passport" and the controlled trade.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum