Saigon Newport Accompanies Customers, Shipping Lines in “Pandemic Protection alongside Production”

9:38:35 AM | 8/11/2021

In the context of Covid-19’s complicated development, the Government, Departments and local authorities have supported enterprises with the best opportunities about policy mechanism to recover, maintain and develop production. With the determination “Pandemic protection alongside production”, Saigon Newport is making efforts to accompany with customers, shipping lines drastically deploy solutions to keep the import-export supply chain undisrupted, maintaining smooth operation activities at Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal and other SNP’s facilities.

The Covid-19’s complicated development has caused several factories to narrow down the production or encounter business closures due to the social distance and the lockdown closure. This leads to a rapid surge in the volume of over-dwelled import containers at terminals, ICDs which has made negative impacts on the vessel handling capability and import-export activities. Therefore, to maintain smooth operation of Tan Cang – Cat Lai Terminal’s (TCCL) and other SNP’s premises as well as to keep the supply chain of import and export goods unbroken; Vietnam Maritime Administration held meetings with port operators, shipping lines, and customers to discuss solutions to ensure operation at TCCL. Meanwhile, the General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Express Official Letter No. 3847/TCHQ-GSQL dated August 2nd, 2021, referring to customs procedures to facilitate transportation of goods during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Based on agreed solutions and the government’s official documents, with the message “Pandemic protection alongside production”, on 05/08/2021, SNP’s President issued Announcement No. 2551/TB-TCg dated August 5th, 2021, which takes effect since August 7th, 2021, referring to Policies and solutions for customers as the following:

Solutions to speed up import containers delivery:

Implementing a campaign to speed up import container delivery: Organizing large-scale Webinar “Dialogue with Customers” to address the current situation; directly contacting each customer to provide particular solutions and support suitable policies for quick release of import containers etc.

For import containers in stock at TCCL, SNP suggests customers to rapidly pick up at port or move to the final destinations at other SNP’s facilities. In case customers order transport service rendered by SNP, for normal-dry laden containers having storage time at TCCL over 15 days up to the order time, within our ability, SNP will offer free-of-charge transport and lift-on/off at both ends (excluding costs of changing final port of destination on manifest/ bill of lading) to one of 04 SNP premises as stated in Official Letter No. 3847/TCHQ-GSQL issued by General Department of Vietnam Customs on August 2nd 2021. These are 04 SNP premises are Tan Cang – Long Binh ICD, Tan Cang – Nhon Trach ICD, Tan Cang – Song Than ICD, Tan Cang – Hiep Phuoc Terminal.

Encourage customers to receive containers at Tan Cang – Hiep Phuoc Terminal (TCHP): SNP will waive the lift-on charge, storage charge, 24 hours of reefer monitoring charge, and assist in submitting cargo manifest file of the final destination adjustment after consignees complete customs formalities.

For abandoned and over-dwelled containers that have stayed over 90 days at TCCL to TCHP, speeding up the liquidation of backlog containers, and re-export containers that are not eligible for import out of Vietnam.

Discuss with authorities to facilitate transport and movement of human resources in operations, delivery, customs clearance at ports, even after 6 pm to promptly implement import-export procedures, delivery and ensure uninterrupted activities without violating pandemic prevention measures.

Solutions to increase capacity inside and outside Terminals:

Actively adjusting the arrangement of stacking of laden import containers, laden export containers, empty containers to increase import yard capacity, optimizing yard utility.

Move a number of empty containers out of the terminal to gain more space for more laden import containers. This transport and lift-on/off charge will be absorbed by SNP.

Depending on yard occupancy, SNP will actively adjust laden export container drop-off time to reduce occupancy, gain more space for import laden containers.

Cooperate with other Terminals in Ho Chi Minh city: (i) Arrange vessels to the associated Terminals to discharge import containers and then to TCCL to load export containers; (ii) Move laden import containers to associated Terminals.

Solutions to regulate possible over-dwelled import containers at ports:

SNP advised customers and shipping lines that if their enterprises halt production, they should stop transport the shipments to TCCL or should change the final destination of import-laden containers on board from TCCL to other SNP’s facilities.

Temporarily stop moving import laden containers from Terminals in Cai Mep area and TCHP to TCCL for pick-up, except for shipments committed to being picked up by customers within 02 days since discharged to TCCL’s yard and affirmed by Operation Center. To support container pick-up at TCHP, SNP will waive the lift-on charge, storage charge, 24 hours of reefer monitoring charge as well as assist in submitting cargo manifest file of the final destination adjustment after consignees complete customs formalities on the Vietnam National Single-window system. Tan Cang – Cai Mep Thi Vai Terminal (TCTT), a facility of SNP at Cai Mep area, announced that TCTT would waive up-to-50% lift-on/off charge for direct pick-up and other support policies.

Persuade customers to adjust the “final destination” from Cat Lai to TCIT/TCTT and TCHP for vessels calling at these terminals. SNP will assist shipping lines/ customers to make quick and convenient manifest adjustment procedures.

Coordinate with shipping lines to calculate and adjust the justifiable vessel operation plan to limit vessel callings or extend the vessel's schedule,  having blank sailing and reduce the volume of imported containers to the port, especially the containers of the factory that is temporarily suspending production.

Even after implementing the above solutions, if the situation remains tense, SNP will apply the discharge rate of import containers upon the actual situation (SNP will send notices 3 to 7 days in advance of implementation for shipping lines).

Solutions to work with authorities to facilitate customers and to boost online procedures:

SNP develops and expands the functions of online services on Eport, such as online registration of the export containers, pre-checking container delivery conditions before arriving at the terminals; Promoting and accelerating the electronification of LCL delivery procedures by scanning delivery orders (D/O) sent via email, testing EDO for LCL delivery.

Facilitating human resources of import-export enterprises, seaport operators, customs and quarantine officers to travel even after 6 pm to promptly carry out import-export and delivery procedures, receive goods and ensure uninterrupted port operation.

Issuance of QR codes: Since July 9th, 2021, SNP is the focal point to receive documents for granting green line QR codes for vehicles to deliver/receive containers goods at Tan Cang Cat Lai. To 8.18pm August 5th 2021, the number of vehicles granted QR code reached 17,887 vehicles/ 18,272 submitted documents (accounting for 97,89% submitted documents).

Lately, Tan Cang Cat Lai Terminal has faced many temporary difficulties and now we maintain stable production. Currently, the yard density of the port cluster group V (besides TCCL in Ho Chi Minh City and ports in Cai Mep Thi Vai area) is only about 35% of the capacity of Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal. This means the risk of congestion at TCCL also applies to the whole port cluster. Our joint cooperation is needed to solve this problem, as actions based on the subjective opinion of certain Association in Ho Chi Minh City to come up with a "planning solution" will only worsen and complicates the situation and seriously affects the stability and benefits of the Import and export business community whilst the economic situation of the region has been extremely difficult because of Covid 19.

With empathy, understanding of difficulties of port operators, customers, shipping lines, the government and local authorities, especially Ho Chi Minh City’s People’s Committee, Vietnam Maritime Administration, Ministry of Transport, General Department of Vietnam Customs, Import-Export Department of Ministry of Industry and trade, has created the best conditions to support businesses in terms of mechanisms and policies to maintain, restore and develop production. Yard density at TCCL has decreased significantly, currently accounted for 80-85% yard capacity, ensuring the handling of cargo and port productivity, there is no longer pressure on yard density, nor threats to disruption.

The current situation poses urgent requirements and tasks for SNP and its customers and shipping lines by issuing and implementing many proactive, creative, drastic and flexible solutions, mobilizing all resources to protect the citizen’s health and life. At the same time, we need to maintain and restore production and business activities, making our best efforts to not disrupt the production and supply chain. Saigon Newport Corporation continues to count on shipping lines and customers to accompany us. Some solutions, new regulations, will cause difficulties for certain customers. However, we "accompany and share". SNP would like to thanks customers and shipping lines for your "sharing" in order for Cat Lai port to maintain smooth operation, contributing to an advanced supply chain.

By Van Luong, Vietnam Business Forum