NS BlueScope Lysaght Launches New Generation Decking Solution Capable of Accelerating Construction Progress by 20%

2:13:29 PM | 9/20/2021

Recently, NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam hosted a webinar on “LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II – New generation of decking solution from Australian expert” to present the trends & applications of composite structure and concrete composite slab as a state-of-the-art substitute for traditional reinforced concrete. Led by top industry experts, the webinar is well-attended by numerous contractors, designers, investors, further highlighting the Company’s striving efforts for industry sustainability.

NS BlueScope Lysaght has launched LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II since 2017 – the new generation of decking, one of the state-of-the-art solutions from Australian expert - saving cost up to 15% and accelerating the construction progress by approx. 20%

Sustainable construction, by nature, pursues the ultimate goal of mitigating environmental footprint by utilizing materials to construct more at less, employing construction efficiency, controlling work-related accidents at the lowest level, etc., which makes it an inevitable industry trend. Taking advantage of such latest technology as decking solution is a part and parcel of this sustainability journey.

Composite steel and concrete floor decking is a mixed structure between concrete and steel decking, in which steel decking is engineered in waveform with specialized shapes to minimize its thickness and weight. This kind of floor does not require formwork, making it thin and light thanks to the use of cast-in-place concrete, which leads to positive impacts on building frame and foundation. Composite steel and concrete floor decking is currently an industry prevailing trend, widely applied for industrial, multi-floor, commercial, civil and public buildings worldwide… with proven efficiency.

“Backed by the smart combination between optimized physical attributes of concrete and steel, composite steel and concrete structure emerges as a popular choice in worldwide buildings, especially for multi-storey structure. Apart from being prominent compared to traditional reinforced concrete structures in terms of high load capacity, long spanning, compact and aesthetic components, the prefabricated steel of composite steel and concrete structure allows an easy of construction with less time, labor cost and construction waste. This is one of the most critical criteria in choosing sustainable structure and construction solutions, helping to promote the use of renewable materials and reducing environment footprint in the future,” further commented Dr. Pham Cao Hung, Senior Lecturer at The University of Sydney (Australia).

 Kizuna Ready Serviced Factory in Long An applied Lysaght® Bondek® II

In response to latest industry trends based on the Company’s in-depth insights of local market, NS BlueScope Lysaght has launched LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II since 2017 - the best-of-bred solution from Australian expert - as a viable alternative to traditional formwork and bottom reinforcement steel mesh for concrete slab system. The Company keeps evolving this decking solution for years to yield outstanding advantages of:

  • Saving cost up to 15% and accelerating the construction progress by approx. 20% with superior spanning feature in a stronger structure, saving installation and formwork removal time.
  • Being more safety in construction, reduce the risks of scaffolding issues
  • Smart profile support for M&E hanging system   
  • Aesthetic and durable finished surface with the most advanced steel integrated with ActivateTM technology
  • The decking solution has been designed with specialized software. Its quality has been proven by real-life structural test in accordance with Australian standards. Employing Bondek II solution, clients will be provided with world-class technical support to optimize installation methods, comparison with traditional methods and close follow-up during installation and usage.

 “Our technical service encompasses the whole process from designing to on-site installation. We are planning to organize field trips to our typical projects across Vietnam to offer hands-on experience in terms of building efficiency and how to install and apply our decking solution in real life. We also expect this webinar to make industry latest trends accessible to businesses and inspire them to apply these modern trends into reality, thereby partially improving industry standards in line with world-class levels under the ultimate goal of benefiting our clients,” said Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri, President, NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam.

Petronas Twin Tower (Malaysia), the world’s skyscrapers, applied the decking solution of Lysaght® Bondek ® II

LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II has its part in such iconic buildings across the globe as Marina Bay Sand (Singapore), Changi Airport (Singapore), Petronas Twin Tower (Malaysia)… and is present in notable industrial projects in Vietnam like Thaco Truong Hai factory (Quang Ngai), Long Beach Resort (Phu Quoc), Kizuna Ready Serviced Factory (Long An), Milennium (Quang Ngai) and Vietnam’s pride of Landmark 81 – the tallest building ever in the country.

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