Vietnam’s OCOP Products Reach Foreign Markets

8:06:41 AM | 9/22/2021

Twenty-one out of 27 districts, towns and cities of Thanh Hoa province had OCOP products as of end-June 2021. Among 100 recognized OCOP products, Le Gia shrimp paste and fish sauce (Hoang Hoa district) is the only 5-star product, which has already been exported in large quantities to Japan, South Korea and South Africa, and sold across supermarkets in Hanoi.

To upgrade products, affirm brand names, and establish a strong foothold in the market, many manufacturers in Thanh Hoa province have come up with innovative solutions suitable to local potential and strengths. By June 2021, Thanh Hoa province certified 100 OCOP products, of which Le Gia shrimp paste was assigned a 5-star class (national class), 27 products assigned 4-star and 72 products classified 3-star (provincial class).

In 2019, Binh Son Agro-Forestry Cooperative had two 3-star products and it now has four products of this class thanks to diversification. Besides original tea, the cooperative launched two more products: Binh Son filter green tea bag and Binh Son filter thorny eggplant tea bag. To broadly bring the products to more consumers, it has promoted and expanded consumer markets, targeting many different segments through distribution agents, chain stores and supermarkets in Thanh Hoa and other provinces. As a result, after two years, its revenue doubled to VND2 billion as compared to prior certification of provincial OCOP products.

With 14 rated products, Nga Son district is leading Thanh Hoa province in certified products. According to Mr. Thinh Van Huyen, Vice Chairman of Nga Son People's Committee and Chief of Nga Son New Rural Coordination Office, this result has come from the district’s efforts to develop OCOP products on the outset, based on many local advantages. The district directed communes to stick to OCOP product criteria for implementation, with special attention paid to quality and design. To assist manufacturers of OCOP products, the district assigned the Office of Agriculture and Rural Development to lead surveys on products, seeking potential OCOP products and guiding them to carry out procedures for being OCOP products. In addition, Nga Son provided financial support for producers to develop products and find markets.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum