Schneider Electric Announces Next Generation Gateway, EcoStruxure™ Panel Server

11:01:09 AM | 9/27/2021

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced EcoStruxure™ Panel Server, its next generation gateway. Designed to be the heart of an EcoStruxure Power system or any IoT-connected power network, Panel Server can integrate with multi-vendor devices, simplifying data acquisition and analytics for improved power network intelligence, operational continuity, and cybersecurity.

Fit-for-purpose solution

The all-in-one gateway has three models with modular form factor and design to better serve customer needs – Entry, Universal, and Advanced – each capable of connecting to multiple edge control or cloud applications.

“Digital transformation is driving the need for the next generation of device-to-device communications or device-to-cloud communications, noted Jean-Francois Rolland, Future Offer Manager for EcoStruxure Panel Server. “Panel Server provides this transformation and more, helping users and service providers to monitor, operate, and maintain their electrical systems with certified energy management technologies like ISO 50001, 50002, 50006 as well as IEC 62443, the cybersecurity standard that supports security-by-design practices.”

Highlights of Panel Server include:

Easy commissioning with EcoStruxure Power Commission, a single tool that autodiscovers, configures and tests the entire connected panel and supports preventive maintenance.

Embedded web pages for complete, accurate and engaging views into power network energy and operations efficiency using real-time and historical (Advanced model only) data.

Edge control software connection via Modbus TCP to Power Monitoring Expert, Power Operation, Facility Expert or third-party BMS systems for complete access to electrical data.

Services opportunity enabler for our Advisor-level platforms, providing new opportunities for our EcoXperts for their digital-based insights and expertise.

All-in-one gateway devices concentrator with wireless and/or Modbus RS485 to Modbus TCP platform, capable of connecting multiple, simultaneous edge control or cloud applications.

Enhanced cybersecurity design at every phase of the product life cycle following IEC 62443-4-1 requirements and planned to be certified against IEC 62443 (SL1), and to be compatible with Cybersecurity Admin Expert tool to help users define cybersecurity policy.

Connecting your digital power infrastructure

“By 2030 the number of connected, digitized devices in global power networks will number in the billions,” continued Jean-Francois Rolland. “In any business, distribution panels will then need to be completely connected and able to share data not only with the cloud but with other systems. This means an investment in a digital gateway is now a key element in a business strategy.” With the ability to reduce unplanned downtime due to electrical failure, reduce energy usage and costs, and reduce risk of electrical fires, EcoStruxure Panel Server provides the tools to successfully face our energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

Introduce next generation gateway - EcoStruxure™ Panel Server: video

For more information, please visit the EcoStruxure Panel Server and communication ranges page.

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