Mm Mega Market Vietnam Recognized as One of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia”

12:15:57 PM | 10/14/2021

MM Mega Market Vietnam Co., Ltd (“MM”) was honored to be in the list of 115 Companies in Vietnam to receive the Award “Best Companies to work for in Asia” by HR Asia - the leading magazine in Human Resources in Asia - held annually.

The "Best Companies to work for in Asia" award was selected based on a very rigorous survey and evaluation process including: independent researches from organizer, staff surveys, management interviews and synthetic assessment report. In particular, the employee survey is based on three main criteria: CORE (Culture and Ethics, Leadership and Organisation, Active Initiatives); SELF (Emotional engagement, Intention and Motivation, Behaviour and Advocacy); GROUP (Collective consciousness, Workplace sentiment, Team dynamic).

In all 3 surveyed categories, MM received very positive reviews and quite high scores compared with the benchmark. Most of the employees who participated in the survey recognized MM as a professional environment, everyone is treated with fairness, trust and respect, employees are encouraged to contribute initiatives, well trained to develop career opportunities with the company. Besides, the in-depth survey provides companies with a unique 360-degree insight of their employees’ morale, their needs and expectations as well as their engagement levels. From there, enterprises would make flexible and appropriate policies from time to time.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM Mega Market shared “We’re incredibly proud to receive this recognition. I would like to express my deep appreciation to our 4,000 talented employees for their daily dedication, passion, professionalism and their true commitment in making such award happens. Every day, our team deliver excellent services to offer the best customer experience. At MM, Happy Workplace is one of our Core values. We strive to build up a working environment that empower, encourage and develop personal talents to grow with us. This award is a vivid proof for our tireless efforts and improvements”.

Employees are a valuable asset for MM Mega Market Vietnam

Employees are a valuable asset for MM Mega Market. Therefore, the company always try to create a work-life balance with many practical activities such as investing in a well-equipped and modern Gym/Yoga; “Relax corner” where stress-free culture is promoted as well as sharing sessions with a wide range of subjects on soft skills, health, life skills presented by experts in the related field or sometimes, by our senior management level. Every year, the company organize team building activities, Staff Party, Tet celebration, Christmas day to enable our employees to broaden their network, enhance team work spirit and learn new things.

Especially during the challenging time caused by the pandemic, safety and health of employees have become our top priority. MM is one of the companies that promotes vaccination for employees quite early. Up to now, more than 81% of employees in HCM City are fully vaccinated. The national vaccination rate is 88% of staff getting the first dose and 36% getting the second one. Our target is 100% vaccinated employees by the end of this year. In addition to taking good care of employees’ health, MM also strives to take care of their wellness by organizing webinar-based coaching from prestigious doctors, experts to equip employees with the knowledge of staying healthy.

Understanding that People Centric is taking good care of our employees and they will take good care of customers since customer satisfaction is MM’s ultimate goal. Therefore, MM organize different kind of activities in order to offer employees the opportunity to develop their personal capabilities in parallel with the overall development of the company. To do this, the company regularly listen to employees' ideas through internal surveys, organize “Idea competition” program to encourage employees to contribute initiatives in enhancing customers’ satisfaction.

MM also have Leadership Development program to develop potential employees to be future leaders by executing exchange program to send talents to Group companies in Thailand to learn and work for six months. After working abroad, they will come back to Vietnam and be assigned to suitable projects or departments to improve business.

MM Mega Market Vietnam (“MM”) is a strategic brand of the multinational corporation BJC/TCC. As a pioneer in the development of safe food supply chain, MM has continuously improved the value of Viet agriculture products domestic and internationally with quality products and competitive price.

Together with 4,000 employees, 2,000 suppliers and hundreds of farmer household partners nationwide, MM put corporate social responsibility (CSR) on top with many activities to improve education, community life and environment. In the future, MM Mega Market Vietnam commits to continue to operate with the philosophy focusing on becoming a reputable, innovative business in companion with the sustainable growth of Vietnam.

Hoa Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)