Home Credit Releases Inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance Report

12:45:19 PM | 11/15/2021

Home Credit today released its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. The report sets out the programmes and measures that Home Credit has been delivering to support communities and customers, and how the company has focused on delivering responsible, sustainable financial services.

The report – set to be released on an annual basis - also sets out a six-pillar framework that guides Home Credit’s ESG approach and carries a particular focus on some of the pandemic related support the company has been extending to customers and communities across the world.

“Responsible finance, digital empowerment and financial inclusion are woven into our company DNA. These principles are central to ESG at Home Credit and they underpin our support for customers, communities, staff, and stakeholders. The Covid-19 pandemic showed how strong these commitments are – and how much we can achieve when extraordinary people drive innovation. Everyone at Home Credit rose to the many challenges, building on our ESG foundation and transforming the business so we could better help others,” said Jean-Pascal Duvieusart, Group CEO, Home Credit.

“Our ESG Policy – approved in 2020, represents an evolution rather than a revolution. It codifies and improves what we were already doing for customers, employees and the communities we live in. This approach ensures that ESG and sustainability are consciously and consistently embedded in all of our operations,” added Jan Ruzicka, Group Chief External Officer, Home Credit, and responsible for ESG & Sustainability.  

Home Credit started the operation in Vietnam in 2008. Since then, we have been always pursuing the mission to better the lives of Vietnamese customers through providing optimal, responsible and sustainable consumer financial solutions. Home Credit is now one of the leading companies in the consumer finance industry in Vietnam. Nearly 6,000 Home Credit employees serve more than 12 million customers with three main products: POS loans (motorbike, home appliances, electronics), cash loans and revolving loans (credit cards).

Ms Annica Witschard - CEO, Home Credit Viet Nam shared: “In Viet Nam, we are leading the way in ESG standards. I am proud about how quickly and decisively we have acted to support the community, especially now during Covid”.

During the most recent social distancing period due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Home Credit Vietnam launched Home Love, a program that donated 1 billion VND to the national vaccine fund, brought more than 30,000 meals and necessities to 10 field hospitals, quarantine facilities, charity homes, and homeless people. Moreover, 300 mid-autumn gifts were handed out to children and families in quarantine facilities, and to frontline doctors and nurses.

H.N (Vietnam Business Forum)