MM Mega Market Vietnam Promotes High-Quality Pork Via Strategic Own Brand “We Are Fresh”

11:35:51 AM | 11/24/2021

As a pioneer distributor in Vietnam building and developing a supply chain value of safe Ultra-fresh products from seafood, vegetables, fruits to pork, MM’s own brand "We are Fresh" has gradually increased trust by millions of Vietnamese professional customers and households because of its outstanding quality as well as abundant and stable supply.

MM Mega Market meat platform in Hanoi

With a sustainable development strategy in Vietnam, MM Mega Market has been a pioneer in building and developing a closed clean Ultra-fresh supply chain "from farm to fork" since 2005. By 2017, MM started to develop pork platform operated by a cooperative model with livestock farmers who are certified with VietGAP standard and strictly control under a closed process.

In particularly, MM technical experts frequently visit farms and give advice on daily farming, breeding method, genetics, livestock feed, disease prevention and traceability procedures. Swines are all worn with traceability rings and are periodically tested for quick urine samples in order to detect banned substances as well as check the appearance of live pigs for skin color and condition before being slaughtered and transported to MM stores for consumption.

From two pork platforms in Dong Nai and Hanoi, tons of clean pork "We are Fresh" are distributed daily and widely to 21 MM Vietnam centers stretching from North to South

Besides the two pork platforms, MM Vietnam also applies “from farm to fork” model with other Ultra-fresh products such as seafood (Can Tho platform), vegetables (Da Lat platform) and fruit (Tien Giang platform).

“We have always pursued a sustainable development strategy from the very beginning of our business in Vietnam. This is proved by the fact that we are a pioneer retailer that develop our Ultra-fresh product with “from Farm to Fork” model. It not only brings abundant supply, strict control, high quality product at very competitive prices to our customers, but also contributes to promote the development of the country's sustainable agriculture when breeders are always guaranteed the stable outputs, so that they can be confident in developing their farming, bringing more income, profitability and enhancing their quality of life,” said, Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam.

“Currently, we have two platforms in the two livestock breeding areas of Vietnam (Dong Nai and Hanoi). Each platform is connecting with hundreds of qualified livestock households and we will continue to expand cooperation to maintain our strengths as one of the leading distributors in Ultra-fresh products as well as to ensure the stability of supply to the market. We are going to launch another own brand “MM Bio” – a premium segment in food for customers who have high requirements in fresh products” added, Mr. Bruno.

Hoa Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)