Eat Healthy, Live Green with Ranee

9:58:53 AM | 12/23/2021

The development pace of modern life has led to changes in people's lifestyles and thinking. The "eating healthy, living green" trend is increasingly popular. Knowing that health is most important, many Vietnamese families always "listen" to their bodies to make scientific and nutritious meals to enhance their health.

Therefore, choosing a "natural animal-based cooking oil" to create the best "immune shield" for the body is extremely important.

How to "eat healthy, live green"

As social distancing was applied, many people shifted to eating at home and avoided eating out. To have green, clean and delicious meals, consumers need to follow three factors: Keeping a high-fiber diet every day; following the rainbow principle (using a variety of fruits and vegetables); and adding protein and “dietary fats” to the menu.

“Ranee salmon - nutritious cooking oil” is a smart solution to improve health

Nutrient intakes will directly affect your physique, health and even feelings. According to Nielsen, up to 86% of Vietnamese consumers prefer natural products for their daily meals because of their safety, nutrition and delicious taste.
Understanding the top prioritized need for health care, AFO Company promptly captured this shopping trend to launch a brand new product line called "Ranee Salmon", providing an optimal choice for your premium "fish cooking oil" collection.

In each bottle of the new-generation Ranee is the crystallization of great intelligence and outstanding advantages, added with vitamins E and A, which are considered antibacterial and antiviral micronutrients that support the body's immune system.

The foundation for quality meals

According to recommendations by the National Institute of Nutrition, adults' need for fat accounts for 20-25% of total energy intake, enough to store and protect the body's immunity.

The cooking oil brand is sold with many interesting gifts on e-commerce platforms

In particular, a large amount of good fats come from good cooking oils. Therefore, choosing the right cooking oil is good for a green lifestyle and this requires consumers to pay attention to the brand and origin of products, and especially refining technology.

AFO applied scientific research achievements of "removing of fishy smell" successfully developed on the exclusive production line according to Desmet ballestra standards. This progress has made the name of Ranee - a premium cooking oil brand completely made from fish.

A fully automated control system and a strict and rigorous production process are revealed by a company representative. "This is a physical method, different from conventional chemical methods. Inputs are frozen to separate liquid and solid oils, filtered, decolored and deodorized under an absolute vacuum pressure.

Ranee helps improve resistance and effectively protect against disease

According to the research team, made by a new, completely self-contained production line, Ranee is different from conventional cooking oil. This method helps fully preserve precious and natural nutrients such as Omega 3, 6, 9 DHA/EPA, vitamins A and E to support beautiful complexion, good health and reduce pressure on the cardiovascular system. Fish lipids mainly contain unsaturated fatty acids, up to 80%, have high biological activity, accounting for 50 -70%, including linoleic acid and arachidonic acid that can't be produced inside the human body. For that reason, Ranee will help us supplement them right in our daily meals.

In addition to nutrients good for eyes, brain and memory, Ranee also contains MUFA and PUFA fats that are easily absorbed by the body, and helps build good resistance to harmful agents from the outside.

Fish cooking oil is ideal for "eating healthy, living green", a great suggestion for enhancing the family's health through delicious and nutritious meals.

Ranee brand desires to spread positive energy, inspire healthy living among consumers to light up the faith and motivation in a happy and healthy life to defeat COVID-19 pandemic.

Phuong Anh (Vietnam Business Forum)