MM MEGA Market Honourly Named Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam

4:02:02 PM | 12/24/2021

MM Mega Market Vietnam Co., Ltd (“MM”) was honored in the “Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam 2021” by Anphabe - a pioneer consulting firm providing Employer Brand and Happy Workforce solutions officially announced the ranking results on December 23.

This year, the survey program was implemented with the participation of more than 65,000 nationwide experienced workers from 595 leading enterprises in 20 industries, conducted by Anphabe under the sponsorship Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The methodology & ranking results were audited by Intage Vietnam, a leading Japanese market research company.

The survey results are based on 40 criteria about the Ideal Working Environment according to 6 main factors: Recognition & Rewards, Career Development Opportunities, Culture and Environment, Leadership and Management, Quality of Work-Life Balance, Company Reputation. As a result, MM Mega Market honourly received high rate of votes from participants in the labor market at all measuring factors.

Regarding Anphabe award, Mr. Bruno Jousselin - Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam shared: “We are extremely delighted when MM Mega Market Vietnam is named in the “Top 100 best places to work in Vietnam”, especially in such a fluctuating circumstance like this year. To guarantee the sustainable development of the business in this period, we have determined the objective to build MM - the "second home" of more than 4000 employees – to be a happy and friendly working place, where people have a work-life balance, employees enjoy worthy reward policies and are given opportunities for professional development with company.”

People - the key factor helps MM overcome the Covid-19 pandemic

At 9th year, the Vietnam Best Places to Work survey is a valuable reference for businesses operating in Vietnam to make practical improvements in creating effective working environments, thereby companies can create a noticeable transformation in business achievements and employees’ living standard. In fact, businesses that are in the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam 2021 all have successfully "come over the epidemic" of Covid-19 to attain positive business accomplishment in a challenging year.

Two previous years have been a hardship for most corporations due to the fierce impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, however this time is also a period for MM to expand its omni channel in Vietnam. Thanks to our talented and productive staff, MM has achieved many rapid development and transformation in the midst of Covid-19 context.

The Vietnam Best Workplace Award 2021 proved that MM Mega Market's strategy in investing in people and creating a Happy Workplace for employees has been effective and recognized," emphasized Mr. Bruno.

This year, with the purpose of developing and building learning culture and having efficient performance management we have implemented a strong digitization of the HR platform by applying E-recruitment, E-learning, Performance Management online.

“Happy workplace” – one of core values helps MM attract and retain talent

At MM Mega Market Vietnam, many Vietnamese senior managers have accompanied MM for a decade. There are many employees who started their careers at MM from entry-level, after a long journey of companionship and development with the company, they had been trusted by the group's leaders to be assigned to a senior position with the deserved benefits: “The employees’ sustainable attachment to company and praiseworthy people developed their career successfully at MM have demonstrated the effectiveness of human resource strategy, which put people centric to reach the Company's sustainable development”, Mr. Bruno added.

For many years, the company has implemented multiple Leadership Development programs to look up and train potential employees becoming future leaders. As a part of this program, many talents were sent to companies in BJC Big C Group in Thailand to study and work for 6 months. After that, these potential talents may return to Vietnam and be appointed to suitable projects and departments, using their experiences to promote and contribute to the development of MM Mega Market Vietnam.

People are always the most valuable and vital resource of MM. We always try to create a sociable working environment in which everyone is treated equally, trust and respect each other, employees are encouraged to contribute ideas through many creative contests aiming to enhance customer satisfaction; a working environment that balances work and life with many approachable activities such as: Gym/Yoga; Relaxation corner, as well as employee engagement on special occasions of the year such as: International Women's Day, Christmas and Lunar New Year.

In October 2021, MM Mega Market Vietnam also named in the list 115 Vietnam Companies receiving the award "Best Places to Work in Asia" by HR Asia - the leading magazine on Human Resources in Asia.

Hoa Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)