Moa Eng Co., Ltd Caring for Employees’ Lives, Boosting Business Performance

9:25:11 AM | 12/27/2021

With the right development strategy, Moa Eng Co., Ltd (headquartered in Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Viet Yen district) has gradually become a reputable supplier of electronics components in the country. Despite the negative impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, the company has always maintained its business performance and ensured employees’ livelihoods.

Safe production

Moa Eng, a 100% foreign owned company, manufactures electronics and telecom components for its customers, including Samsung Group. After installing machinery and over 20 production lines, the company started operations in late 2016 and employed over 1,500 workers in Bac Giang and other provinces. Employees are paid VND7-10 million a month on average.

Engaged in a manufacturing industry highly exposed to fire and explosion risks, Moa Eng pays special attention to fire prevention and fighting. Every year, the company cooperates with the Fire Police of Bac Giang to educate, train, practice and rehearse fire prevention and rescue plans to raise awareness, responsibility and experience of employees.

The company strictly adheres to fire prevention and fighting laws by fully furnishing automatic fire protection equipment; conducts monthly maintenance and inspection of automatic fire protection system; buys compulsory fire and explosion insurance; and establishes grassroots fire and rescue teams.

Moa Eng Company is also serious about environmental protection. Waste generated in the production process is collected and transferred to certified units for treatment. The company also actively seeks contractors with advanced waste treatment technology to increase the recycling rate, and reduce incinerated and landfilled waste. In addition, the company's wastewater treatment system meets technical standards and treated water is sampled and analyzed every three months.


The COVID-19 epidemic has evolved complicatedly, negatively affecting all aspects of life, especially the 4th outbreak in Bac Giang (from May 2021), and disturbed the company. However, Bac Giang authorities effectively traced, stopped and controlled the disease. As a result, the company quickly restored business and gradually returned to stability and growth.

Faced with current worker shortages, Moa Eng Company hopes that provincial authorities will have solutions to help the company deal with difficulties and boost business operations after the epidemic.

In the coming time, Moa Eng Company will further boost production, stabilize orders in the wake of the epidemic and recruit more workers. At the same time, it will promote investment, expand production, strengthen cooperation to expand consumption markets and create more jobs.

Le Hanh, a representative of Moa Eng Company, said, determining that human resources are the biggest asset of the company, beside business development, the company pays special attention to taking care of workers’ lives. Specifically, it provides periodical health checks for employees every six months; furnishes them with full personal protective equipment; monitors the working environment; and educates its employees to raise awareness of workplace safety.

The company always strives to build a safe and friendly working environment and make its factories a common roof for all employees to work together, dedicate their efforts and inherit business successes. At the same time, it enhances sociability, friendliness and solidarity for everyone to support each other, improve work performance, hosts anniversary gatherings and exchanges; and presents gifts to increase happiness and motivation at work

“Furthermore, the company also actively takes part in charity and pro-community development like visiting, encouraging and presenting gifts to disadvantaged workers and poor households in the locality during special events and public holidays; joins charity funds, social welfare campaigns, responds to epidemic prevention and control, and assists the vaccine fund,” she said.

By Vietnam Business Forum