Don't Abet the Callousness

4:07:14 PM | 12/28/2021

The latest information and developments related to the Viet A scandal are making waves not only in the country but also abroad.

The nature and seriousness of the Viet A scandal is far different, completely different from the traffic accidents that killed five or seven people or the usual cargo fraud cases. This incident caused everyone to "shock to the core" and shudder more for those who wrote the "negative script" for this noob company to perform when there was aiding in the "battle under... table".

Viet A Kit historical scandal

Recently, a representative of the leaders of a Group in the North region urgently spoke out: "Punishing the wrong - the evil of Viet A Company and the interests of the group which controlled behind is the right thing to do. However, think again, if there was no Viet A, there would also be some X.Y.Z Company that jumped in to profit from the pain of disease and suffering of people during the pandemic. Without corrupt and insatiable officials, Viet A would not have been able to act like this."

Looking straight at the truth

It's time for us to seriously consider whether the nasal swab test is still necessary or not.

According to the latest information, by the end of December 25, the country had about 145 million doses injected, the use rate reached 87% of the allocated vaccines and the coverage rate of the basic dose vaccine was nearly 70% of the total population of Vietnam. This rate has exceeded the target set by the World Health Organization by the end of 2021: 40% of the population of each country is vaccinated against COVID-19. Up to now, there have been nearly 1 million doses of the 3rd dose vaccine given to people aged 18 years and over in 29 provinces and cities, of which the South injected the most.

With the current speed of vaccination being accelerated strongly, Vietnam has timely equipped with antibodies for the entire population before the Omicro strain breaks through.

Stop doing nonsense

From the point of view of experts, scientists, researchers and honest entrepreneurs, they said: "It's a waste of time and money, and there's really no need for tracking or doing statistics of daily case report. What it is for when Vietnam has vaccinated enough for community immunity. The matter of F this F that is no longer important. Many localities have allowed FO to self-treat at home, the concept of F has no meaning. If we continue to do nasal swab tests defiantly, we will unconditionally assist in the legalization of counterfeit goods that the local CDCs have BOUGHT and then we will never be able to exclude the derivatives of Viet A."

When the vaccine coverage is increased, the Covid will be pushed back and that also means that it should be gradually reduced and come to an end of the "nose hooking” situation to find F0.

Doing nasal swab tests for people who have been vaccinated for what? That is pointless, illogical, wasteful and unscientific.

As the retired cadres said: "If an noob enterprise like Viet A can still travel across the country, continuing to do nasal swab tests rampantly will be a sheltering environment for corrupt parasites to cling to".

Phong Lan (Vietnam Business Forum)