Sustainable Investment and Development - Win-Win

7:56:49 AM | 1/21/2022

This is the business principle and message that Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company gives to secondary investors. With 12 years of experience, its capacity and reputation have been confirmed in industrial zone investment and business infrastructure.

Overcoming the pandemic with investors

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and prolonged lockdowns adversely affected business performances of most businesses in all industries. Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company was also hard hit. The company operates industrial parks largely serving investors from China, South Korea and India.

The pandemic restricted mobility from country to country. This caused the company to fulfil only 91% of the land-leasing plan in 2021. Mr. Pham Phi Dieu, General Director of Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company, said that when warned about epidemic risks, in addition to maintaining business and investment activities, protecting employee health was the company's top priority.

During the peak period of the epidemic in mid-July, companies had to ensure epidemic prevention before they could operate. Thus, Binh Phuoc province proposed a factory-based production option. This was extremely difficult for labor-intensive tenants. However, Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company effectively fulfilled its role as a bridge for businesses and authorities, accessed all instructions on epidemic prevention and informed tenants to prevent the epidemic, and cooperated with the province to deal with the pandemic in that most difficult period when vaccines were scarce.

Adhering to instructions by Binh Phuoc province, Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company always stands by tenants, and supports them to adopt the factory-based production scheme featured by three options at the same time: Living in the factory, working in the factory and distancing in the factory. The company worked closely with security forces to patrol and monitor surrounding security to make sure that tenants can rest assured in carrying out the factory-based option in nearly three months.

Fire prevention is also a top concern of Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company. The company works with the fire police and relevant agencies to closely inspect and supervise fire prevention and fighting work in all tenants and assure workers to work and stay in their production facilities.

Moreover, in coordinating with relevant agencies and sectors, Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company set up two epidemic control checkpoints at the entrance of Bac Dong Phu and Nam Dong Phu industrial parks to help minimize potential infection from drivers and assistants from neighboring provinces before entering the two industrial zones.

When the vaccination campaign was rolled out, Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company gave its best support in vaccination for workers and acted as a bridge for health authorities and tenants for quick vaccination. Up to now, 100% of workers in its industrial parks have been vaccinated and returned to work under the so-called new normalcy.

Adaptation and readiness for new investment flows

Currently, the epidemic is still very complicated and traveling among countries is very difficult. To invest in industrial zones, investors have to go to the sites for survey and assessment before making final decisions for long-term investments. “Meanwhile, the company cannot apply digital transformation to its business, but only online methods to take care of existing tenants,” said General Director Pham Phi Dieu.

For that reason, the company has tried to practice the best epidemic prevention measures to help the country deal with the pandemic to reach the new normality soon, attract more investors and address economic consequences caused by COVID-19.

“Binh Phuoc is a newly developed province that is currently aiming for industrialization and modernization. The locality has a lot of potential advantages for industrial development. Therefore, I believe that after the pandemic is over, businesses will look to invest more and more. Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company is completing procedures for expanding its Bac Dong Phu and Nam Dong Phu industrial zones with a total area of nearly 800 ha,” he said.

“In the coming time, the expanded Bac Dong Phu and Nam Dong Phu industrial parks will play an important role in socioeconomic development roadmap of Binh Phuoc province like making great contributions to industrial growth, increase export value and economic competitiveness, spread strong ripple effects, raise the material and spiritual life of the people, provide jobs with stable income, and develop services, especially for the vicinity of industrial zones. Investors will trust the experience of Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company in industrial park infrastructure investment and business. The company always sends to secondary investors the message: “A place for sustainable investment and development - A win-win choice,” added General Director Dieu.

By Quoc Hung, Vietnam Business Forum