MIF: Efforts to Bring Interns to Japan to Work

9:48:21 AM | 4/13/2022

After nearly two years of hibernation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, international flight routes have been reopened when restriction procedures and conditions were lifted, International Media & Finance Corporation (MIF), a member of Sao Mai Group, has promptly brought many interns to Japan to work. Recently, the company hosted an event to send 157 trainees to Japan to work according to agreements signed by MIF and Japanese recruiters.

The Management Board and trainees with excellent academic achievements

To be qualified for recruitment, interns must complete training courses on Japanese language, native communication culture, sense of discipline and especially working attitude lectured by MIF Human Resource Training Center.

Up to now, MIF has led seven intern delegations with 300 people to Japan to work. Before leaving Vietnam for a totally new working environment, trainees felt extremely comfortable, motivated, confident and ready to work to their best for their better startup.

The Management Board and trainees are excited before the departure time

Mr. Le Quoc Truong, General Director of MIF, said, “Each trainee has a 3-year working term. They are working in nursing, mechanics, garment and agriculture and are paid an average of VND35 - 40 million a month. After the internship period is up, they can either extend their working time or return to the home country to start a business with their own knowledge, skills, qualifications and money earned from the overseas work by which MIF is the best enabler.”

Pledging to support and protect the highest benefits of workers sent to Japan, MIF signed “Transfer and reception of technical interns” agreements with more than 20 prestigious recruiters throughout Japan. Accordingly, MIF sends trainees to Japan and Japanese recruiters will be responsible to receive and arrange accommodations, meals and professional training for trainees. In addition, during the internship period, recruiters will give them a living subsidy equal to the living cost of an ordinary Japanese citizen.

A souvenir photo between Japanese recruiters, MIF leaders and trainees

By the end of 2022, MIF will train and introduce jobs to about 300 interns in the Japanese labor market. In particular, after the Covid-19 pandemic is controlled, MIF will step up worker transfers to foreign countries by scaling up coordination with local authorities and communications to workers. Thus, the company will help change the thinking and understanding of workers through employment contracts that provide stable jobs and higher incomes. Especially, they will be fully protected against workplace risks.

Mr. Haruhito Onoda, President of the Asian Syndication of Welfare Exchange, said, “At present, Japan is facing a serious worker shortage in agriculture. And this is also a great chance for young Vietnamese to grasp this working opportunity in Japan”.

To Van Lung, a trainee’s father, said, “I am very confident and bold enough to let my child join the overseas work program because MIF is, first of all, very responsible and enthusiastic to students, offering transparent, low costs. The company has employees in Japan to monitor, care and help trainees until they return home.

Nguyen Tran Dinh Khoi, a trainee in Class K22, said, “Working in Japan is the shortest way for me to have a successful career. Going to Japan, what I am concerned about and choose is to have a suitable job for agricultural knowledge that I learned in Vietnam, which is strong in agriculture. Given that high income, I can support my family and develop my own career in the future.”

MIF will continue to act as a bridge to train and supply manpower to the Japanese high-income market. MIF expects to send more to work abroad, not only as an action that sticks to the Government-backed manpower export program and as a means of income generation for young people in a modern environment. That is a very good condition for trainees to develop skills and acquire the necessary knowledge.

By Phu Toan, Vietnam Business Forum