Tra Vinh Employment Service Center Solid Support for Employees

10:42:50 AM | 4/27/2022

As a non-business unit under the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Tra Vinh Employment Service Center has effectively advised and introduced jobs and solved unemployment insurance benefits for workers, thus promoting its role providing solid support for employees to find decent jobs and helping ensure social security for enterprises.

Effectively solving unemployment allowances

The prolonged COVID-19 outbreak has disturbed many aspects of social life and adversely affected labor and employment. Promoting its effective bridging role for employers and employees, Tra Vinh Employment Service Center has actively reformed, innovated and launched many activities to support workers to overcome the pandemic and get stable employment.

Mr. Trinh Minh Hung, Director of Tra Vinh Employment Service Center,at a seminar on employment and labor export hosted by the center

In job counselling and job placement, in 2021, the center advised 22,053 people (including 11,130 workers applying for unemployment allowances) with 93,979 application forms (including 83,056 forms filed by workers who received unemployment benefits). The province saw 292 workers go to work abroad for a fixed term and 478 workers recruited for overseas work in 2022.

In the year, the center held six job counseling seminars for workers and demobilized soldiers and four job bazaars for 608 workers, including one online event for four localities of Can Tho City, Tra Vinh, Ben Tre and Binh Duong provinces. Its programs and seminars attracted a large number of participants and brought positive results.

Following the direction of the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs on support for workers to get unemployment insurance benefits to have stable life, Tra Vinh Employment Service Center actively received application forms, undertook and settled payment of unemployment benefits for workers in a timely and lawful manner.

In 2021, the center received 11,039 workers applying for unemployment insurance benefits (including 10,152 local workers and 887 migrant workers); completed 12,725 applications for unemployment insurance benefits (including 11,039 new applications and 1,686 applications rolled over from the previous year). As many as 12,024 people were granted unemployment insurance benefits with a total payment value of VND193,142,453,000.

Particularly, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the center stepped up information technology application to enhance support for employees. Procedures for unemployment insurance benefits were handled by professional software tools equipped by the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, helping to reduce service time and limit direct contacts.

Furthermore, job counseling and communication for workers is also promoted in various forms such as Facebook and Zalo. The center also regularly organized online and mobile job exchange sessions and applied information technology to receive application forms and announce jobs online to create the most favorable conditions for workers.

Enhancing the effectiveness of career counseling, job introduction  

Knowing that employment will apparently raise people’s incomes and help sustainable poverty reduction, career counseling and job recommendation for workers is always prioritized by Tra Vinh province. Particularly, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Tra Vinh Employment Service Center play an important role in  solving both employment for workers and recruitment needs for employers.

A job bazaar attracts many workers and businesses

According to statistics, Tra Vinh province currently has more than 50,674 people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, of which 35,094 people are unemployed. Besides, more than 25,186 Tra Vinh workers returned from other localities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai and Can Tho. This is a great pressure for local authorities at all levels to ensure social security and employment for workers.

To help people get reemployed soon, earn an income and stabilize their livelihoods, Tra Vinh Employment Service Center has actively collected and updated labor supply and demand data, and developed specific plans for timely and effective career counseling. At the same time, the center has categorized recruitment requirements by demand, by industry and by qualification to select and connect with suitable laborers.

Mr. Trinh Minh Hung, Director of Tra Vinh Employment Service Center, said that the pandemic is now basically controlled. Local employers have started to restore manufacturing and business operations and revive the economy. In the coming time, the center will further promote job counseling and introduction for workers and continue to create favorable conditions for unemployed workers to return to the labor market as soon as possible, especially those from other localities after the pandemic.

In 2022, the Center will organize 23 seminars and 10 job exchanges (planned to be carried out in the first quarter) in all districts, cities and towns of the province to create favorable conditions for workers to contact, meet and discuss with employers to seek suitable jobs. It will promote information technology application and develop more job websites to create more information channels for employees.

In addition, to bring workers back quickly to the labor market, the center will focus on building and improving contents and forms of career counseling and job placement and regularly update information on its social networking sites where workers can access official information in a complete and timely manner, while employers provide recruitment information quickly and effectively.

“With its effort and agility in searching and connecting the market and career counsellors, Tra Vinh Employment Service Center will continue to work and become a bridge helping many workers to get stably employed in the coming time, thus helping ensure social security during and after the pandemic,” Director Hung affirmed.

By Vietnam Business Forum