Haplast Group “Green Packaging for Green Future”

9:40:43 AM | 5/5/2022

Using environmentally friendly green packaging is an increasingly popular trend, marking a big change in consumer psychology today. Grasping this essential need, Haplast Group - an experienced researcher and developer of export packaging in Hung Yen province - has made ongoing efforts to develop many premium packaging products with two large-scale modern factories. Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Ms. Pham Thi Hai Thanh, President of the Board of Directors of Haplast Group. Nguyen Bach - Bao Ngoc reports.

Could you please briefly introduce Haplast Group and some of its recent activities?

Haplast Group, formerly known as Hanoi Plastic Packaging Company, was established in 2007 to research and develop packaging, export it and use it to connect with foreign customers. In 2016, Haplast opened the first factory in Hung Yen province on nearly 15,000 square meters, capable of making 1,200 tons of products a month that meet JSC standards of Japan, FDA standards of the United States, BRC standards of Europe and ISO 9001:2015 standards, applied to 58 extruders, 49 printers, 53 cutting machines and 30 auxiliary machines.

In 2019, we transformed into a business group with five member companies, aiming to develop three main product segments: Compostable bags, biodegradable disposable products, and plastic bags. To expand its business, in December 2020, Haplast inaugurated the second factory with a monthly capacity of 3,000 tons. The group applied a very strict and professional management system to all production stages. Its products are checked and monitored every hour to meet customer standards.

As a result, in 2021, Haplast conquered the 80th market in the world and doubled its revenue in the US market. We also opened an R&D center for biodegradation of agricultural products. Despite facing many difficulties from high freight rates and global pandemic, Haplast still maintained good business performance, employment and income for employees. The group’s revenue in 2021 rose by 50% over 2020.

How does Haplast Group capture the trend of using environmentally friendly green packaging?

Using environmentally friendly green products is a modern trend today. That is also what Haplast has passionately pursued.

With ongoing efforts to find the best way to work as a green business, in October 2019, Haplast was awarded the certificate of OK Compost Home for biodegradable disposable packaging, completely biodegradable in soil, water and CO2, from TUV Company of Belgium. In addition, we researched biodegradable materials from Vietnam's agricultural products such as corn flour and manioc to make environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging while still ensuring safety and quality for users.

In addition, we constantly improved our production lines, techniques and skills of employees to make beautiful, useful and highly applicable products.

How has Haplast Group specifically endeavored to fulfill the goal of “Becoming a leader of environmentally friendly packaging product and service ecosystem in Vietnam”?

This long-term development strategy is based on advanced technology, professional personnel, strong systems, influential corporate culture, appeals to domestic and foreign resources and delivery of many valuable, useful products for society and people.

Regarding information technology application to executive management, Haplast's leadership adopted SAP, PMS and other system administration software.

In particular, the company has focused on developing human resources and corporate culture. At Haplast, we always regard people as a central factor to determine success, prosperity and sustainable development. Hence, Haplast always pays close attention to the life of its employees. This is shown very clearly in its activities such as Party Committee, Trade Union and Youth Union. A good environment and good treatment is one of the factors that make Haplast members more motivated to bring best-quality products to customers. We believe that Haplast's solidarity will constantly grow and bring new breakthroughs and new successes.

Thank you very much!

By Vietnam Business Forum