Manpower Export - Lighting up the Future

9:47:22 AM | 5/11/2022

Japan always knows how to attract foreign workers because of its attractive remuneration policy, and a modern lifestyle in harmony with long-standing traditional cultural values, making it an ideal place for living and working. Setting foot in a "foreign country" to start a fresh career is not easy but interns can be completely assured and comfortable because there is always handy support from specialists of the company when they work overseas.

International Media & Finance Corporation (MIF) is a pioneering manpower exporter in the Mekong Delta, empowered with the mission of "lighting up the bright future". Perfectly connecting Vietnam and Japan, MIF enables trainees to access a professional and cultured working environment to make high incomes for a stable life.

Trainees are ready to leave for Japan to work

Opportunities on the hand

MIF Company has continuously worked out promotion plans to bring "opportunities" to many Vietnamese workers to work abroad since the start of 2022. When opportunities come, whether or not they are caught by trainees depends on their agility, speed and sharp judgment to make a decisive choice in time. Don't let fear, worry and procrastination inadvertently close the door to success.

During a series of "job fairs" held at many colleges and universities in Mekong Delta provinces, MIF - a multi-industry recruiter - is invited to attend to give consultations and have new recruitments. This "direct" recruitment provides jobs for young people at school and anticipates a “very high” demand for workers in Japan.

Advisors dedicatedly consult and answers all questions about labor export to Japan

Most schools are excited to cooperate with a leading prestigious manpower exporter in this region and continuously improve human resource quality to meet recruitment requirements. This move is also a solution for graduated students to find jobs because MIF always updates manpower supply and demand changes in Japan to provide jobs for thousands of workers.

In addition, MIF signed a strategic cooperation agreement on student training for Japan with An Giang Vocational College to 2025. Majors to be trained include mechanics, metal plating, electronics, welding and lathing, installation, agriculture, seafood processing, food and packaging.

MIF stocks high-quality human resources

In addition, medical students at An Giang Medical College will get a VND20-million scholarship each and have Japanese language training plus other benefits when they register to work as midwives and nurses.

The secret to successful entry into Japan

MIF trainees are equipped with most of the professional skills, soft skills, and information technology skills to confidently enter a highly demanding labor market like Japan. The company constantly develops and innovates training programs linked to the practical needs of Japanese recruiters to make sure that the rate of successful interviews is always high.

Dynamic and joyful Japanese language class for MIF trainees

Almost all employers want high-quality human resources. Although experience and expertise are important, when interviewing, employers pay attention to “behaviors” and “attitudes” of candidates that radiate positive energy. This is a secret to successful interviews. Listening and answering concise questions with the right focus, confidently presenting goals and responsibilities, having a clear sense of work, and having the will to grow up are also decisive factors. In particular, researching carefully about the company and its industry you are interviewing for is also a way to show your interest and desire to work to convince employers.

MIF Company signed agreements on “sending and receiving interns” with more than 20 prestigious trade unions in Japan. Interns will receive a lot of benefits similar to living allowances to local citizens in case trade unions want more professional training.

Unitedly writing brilliant lines of youth in Japan

“The cost of living in Japan is not expensive if you know how to balance your spending and saving properly. You can send about VND20 million to your family every month and still have some extra money for your personal interests like visiting beautiful landscapes in this beautiful nation,” a trainee in Japan said.

Depending on job nature and requirements, employees will get corresponding income levels. Wages in Japan are very high, ranging between VND30 million and VND50 million a month. After three years, after deducting the initial fee and living expenses, a trainee can earn a net VND500-800 million.

Lu Xun once said, “there was never a road but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence”. Reaching success does not come by accident but it comes from the opportunity seized by people. Never wait for luck or blame destiny.

Labor export is not only for making money but also an opportunity to cultivate an experience, scientific thinking, a new modern perspective, and learn the beautiful Japanese way of life. It is a step to build a solid foundation for our trainees when they return home to step into the highly competitive labor market of Vietnam today.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Buisness Forum