Vinh Long River and Water - Enchanting Tourists

11:09:40 AM | 5/31/2022

Located in the heart of the Mekong Delta, Vinh Long is full of rivers, canals, lush green fields and luxuriant gardens.

Coming here, visitors will enjoy the sense of peace and comfort when walking through fruit-laden orchards, visiting famous traditional cottage industry villages that make a lot of products already present in the world such as ceramics, mats, knitwear, bricks and tiles.

Vinh Long is endowed with not only fruit trees, fish, shrimp and other windfall specialties, but also charming, beautiful landscapes. We would like to briefly introduce impressive countryside destinations to readers far and wide.

1 - My Thuan Bridge

Lying on National Highway 1A across the Tien River and linking the two provinces of Tien Giang and Vinh Long, My Thuan Bridge looks like a big ladder to the vast sky. Construction of the bridge started in July 1997 and it was put into operation in May 2000. This work is not only of economic significance, but it is also a unique architectural masterpiece that decorates the northern "gateway" to Vinh Long province in particular and the Southwest region as a whole.

2 - An Binh Islet

An Binh Islet is located between Tien and Co Chien rivers in Long Ho district, consisting of four communes of An Binh, Hoa Ninh, Binh Hoa Phuoc and Dong Phu. With a system of interlaced rivulets, visiting this island, visitors will be able to take a boat to explore the water world and fruit-laden orchards where they can pick up fruits for themselves, enjoy local rustic foods and listen to sweet and deep folk music.

3 - Phat Ngoc Xa Loi Pagoda

Phat Ngoc Xa Loi Pagoda or Temple of the Emerald Buddha, located in Vinh Hoa village, Tan Ngai commune, Vinh Long City, is one of the largest and most sacred temples in Vinh Long province. The pagoda was built in 1970 on an area of 1.7ha, with sophisticated but harmoniously artistic architecture, both inherently spiritual and traditional architecture of Vietnam.

4 - Mang Thit Brick Kiln

In addition to the luxuriant and fruit-laden orchards, Vinh Long is also famous for very unique destinations - century-long traditional brick kilns. This place also impresses visitors with its charming natural water-world scenery.

5 - Tra On Floating Market

If you want to learn about the cultural identity of Vinh Long people, just go to Tra On Floating Market, 250m away from Tra On village. The floating market in the downstream of Hau River is over 300m long. This is a wholesale market that distributes agricultural products to many other smaller markets in the province. Therefore, visiting the market at any time of the day, you will find it crowded with boats.

6 - Vinh Long cuisine

Vinh Long is widely famous for fruits, delicious foods that visitors should not miss when they have an opportunity to set foot here.

If you once set foot on the land of Vinh Long, you will admire a lot of green and fruit-laden orchards. Furthermore, Vinh Long is also home to many delicious dishes, imbued with southern cultural identity.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum