Sao Mai Thanh Hoa Resort: Creating New Values for Thanh Hoa Tourism

10:51:09 AM | 6/8/2022

Thanh Hoa province has all the necessary factors to become one of the key tourist destinations of the country. To unlock local potential, the province has mobilized available resources and attracted giant corporations to invest in tourism projects. Sao Mai Group, with its strong financial capacity, experience and passion, is ready to boost cooperation to create new tourism values and make tourism a key economic sector of Thanh Hoa province.

The reputable investor

In the past time, the COVID-19 pandemic distressed big corporations and challenged their recovery. However, Sao Mai Group still achieved basic targets. In 2021, the firm recorded VND11,398 billion of net revenue and VND703 billion of net profit, up 23% year on year. In 2022, the group planned to have a strong breakthrough business performance, eyeing for net revenue of VND14,700 billion, up 29% year on year, and a net profit of VND1,630 billion, 2.3 times higher than that in 2021.

Sao Mai Group is active in real estate, aqua feed, aquatic - seafood processing for export, tourism, solar power and manpower export. In any field, the group has also left a strong mark on the market. With these achievements, it has been ranked the Top 10 renewable energy producers in Vietnam and the 100 largest firms in Vietnam for years.

Sao Mai Group is a leader of renewable energy development in Vietnam

In tourism, during lockdown and distancing periods caused by Covid-19, Sao Mai Group focused on improving service quality, launched many new products, and envisioned a post-Covid tourism boom in An Hao Solar Farm (An Giang province) and Sao Mai Thanh Hoa Resort.

In renewable energy, following the success of two solar parks in An Giang and Long An provinces, Sao Mai Group is preparing to invest VND5,000 billion in a 352-ha, 450-MWp solar farm in Dak Lak province and VND12,000 billion in an 854-ha, 875-MWp solar farm in Dak Nong province.

In consumer goods, at the beginning of 2022, a series of high-class cooking oil products branded Ranee was also launched onto the market by Sao Mai Group, including Ranee salmon; Ranee Omega 3, 6, 9; Ranee Collagen, Margarine and Shortening which are well received by consumers. In the near future, there will be more seasoning products and fish sauces made from fish blood.

Ranee premium cooking oils are popular in the market

Creating unique tourism products

Sao Mai Group also runs Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Tourist Area with two Vietnamese records of “the longest bamboo bridge in the forest in Vietnam” and “the most beautiful and famous melaleuca forest in Vietnam”; An Hao Solar Park with flower-liked panel fields; historical Tuc Dup Hill Relic with a US$2 million hill and the most beautiful granite cave system in Vietnam; and Sao Mai Phu My Resort (Vung Tau) with vibrant sounds of sea tourism.

The strong reception of three out of many unique tourism products by domestic and international tourists has shown the effort, enthusiasm, experience and resources of Sao Mai Group - one of the leading tourism developers in Vietnam.

Sao Mai Group has made Tra Su Melaleuca Forest a bright spot on the Vietnamese tourist map

In the historical, cultural and revolutionary land of Thanh Hoa province – the homeland of many national heroes like Le Hoan and Le Loi, the investor is determined to join hands with the Party and the people to make Thanh Hoa a leading light of tourism development. After a period of careful preparation, Sao Mai Group decided to start construction of Sao Mai Thanh Hoa Resort in Tho Lam commune, Tho Xuan district.

Sao Mai Thanh Hoa Resort - The best resort paradise in Thanh Hoa

The project, covering an area of nearly 54 ha, cost VND1,400 billion for construction. The resort, less than 10km from Tho Xuan Airport and 1km from Lam Kinh Special National Monument, is a helping hand for tourism, trade and high-class town development.

A new attractive "check-in" address for tourists

With the slogan "Four seasons of color and fragrance", Thanh Hoa province affirms the diversity and affluence of tourism resources and is also an invitation and encouragement to tourists from all over the world to explore and experience tourism at any time of the year.

Sao Mai Thanh Hoa Resort is like a shimmering ephemeral flower on the clear, moving waters reflecting the most primitive and simple beauty. From the new and unique values, the resort will be an important driver for Thanh Hoa tourism to establish a solid step and create breakthrough momentums in the near future.

By Phuong Nghi, Vietnam Business Forum