Daco Logistics: Leadership Imprints

11:00:29 AM | 6/28/2022

In recent years, especially during the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam's logistics industry has always affirmed its vital role as the lifeblood of the economy. Logistics firms have made constant efforts to ensure a smooth flow of goods, minimize disruption impacts of global supply chains, and enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam and its enterprises in the region and the world. One among the prominent players is Daco Logistics which has successfully attained many achievements in the international transportation industry.

A 15-year journey dedicated to customers

In 2022, Daco Logistics is celebrating its 15th anniversary. In that arduous but very proud journey, Daco Logistics has affirmed its brand position in the logistics market and reached new highs as it has become among the Top 100 strong brands and the Top 20 logistics service providers in Vietnam. These noble titles have reaffirmed its position, role and significant contributions in boosting economic flows and elevating the logistics value chain in Vietnam.

As a leader in Vietnam’s logistics service industry, Daco Logistics is proudly staffed with top-notch logistics experts who are knowledgeable about international freight forwarding and transportation. Powered by high-quality human resources, modern facilities and advanced technologies, Daco Logistics provides customers with eight professional transportation services, domestically and internationally: sea freight, air freight, container trucking, customs brokering, multimodal transportation, flexitank handling, bulk cargo transport and project handling. Among them, sea freight and air freight are its leading business, especially to the Americas, China, Italy, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and some Asian routes (to South Korea, Japan and India). In addition, Daco also supports customers in domestic transportation and customs clearance in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City and other localities.

A great advantage of Daco Logistics comes from Mr. Tran Huy Hien, the founder, with more than 40 years of experience in the logistics industry in Vietnam. He has been one of the pioneers in Vietnam's logistics industry since the early 1980s. He has held many positions and worked with many partners and clients from multinational companies, helping him accumulate a wealth of experience in each operational aspect of the global supply chain.

Staffed with many managers richly experienced in international shipping and forwarding, Daco Logistics has mastered forwarding techniques and gained expertise in warehousing, baling, packing, air freight, sea freight and land transport and shipping agents. Through the global Track&Trace system, Daco Logistics can keep a close eye on transportation processes and promptly inform customers of shipment status. In particular, the firm is also allowed by the customs to act on behalf of goods owners to carry out customs declaration procedures, pay taxes, and deliver and transport import and export goods in a professional manner.

Currently, Daco Logistics' customer chain includes leading domestic firms (like Vingroup, Tan Hiep Phat, Casumina and Petrolimex) and foreign firms (like Coca Cola, Oasis, Zamil Steel and Cargill), showing that its service quality can completely satisfy the most demanding customers, both domestic and foreign. To boost customer trust, in addition to changing mindsets and strategic visions, Daco Logistics also focuses on applying advanced technology, promoting research, improving supply services and optimizing working capacity to cater logistics services of international quality and effectively meet the increasing demands of customers. Besides, Daco Logistics also deploys a comprehensive logistics service consulting solution, supports businesses to reduce logistics costs, and enhance product competitiveness, thus creating more added values ​​for customers.

Mr. Tran Huy Hien, President of Daco Logistics, said economic opening and integration has become a launching platform to boost domestic production and trade growth, demonstrated by the volume of domestic goods, imports and exports. Vibrant production and trade have created an extremely favorable development environment for logistics firms, including Daco Logistics. Seizing this opportunity, Daco Logistics has expanded its network with one head office and four representative offices across major economic centers from North to South to ensure the fastest response to all customer requirements nationwide. In addition, Daco Logistics has a trade representative in the United States, and a wide global network of more than 120 agents in 40 countries, enabling it to effectively meet diverse customer needs currently catered by major global agents such as JS Hillebranch, Foppiani and Maurice. For the route to the U.S., Daco is one of the first few logistics firms to own FMC License in Vietnam.

Grasping opportunities

15 years is a long and hard journey for Daco Logistics to become a strong brand and a pioneer in Vietnam’s logistics service industry. Daco is now ready to move forward to new highs and enrich its achievements.

Remarking on the firm’s future approach, President Hien said that logistics is an important service industry of the national economy. Therefore, by 2025, this sector is expected to contribute 8-10% to GDP and obtain annual growth of 15-20%. The Government has also issued a policy action plan and upgraded infrastructure to enhance competitiveness and develop logistics services in Vietnam.

To catch this opportunity, Daco Logistics will focus on sharpening its competitive edge, upgrading management to the international class, and strengthening cooperation with partners to expand global and national networks to better meet increasing customer requirements by delivering professional and attentive services and diversifying products and services. For a service provider like Daco Logistics, the human factor is decisive. Being well aware of this, the company will focus on recruitment policies to hire high-quality resources, upgrade its workforce, build a professional and scientific working environment, and facilitate managers and employees to foster their creativity and innovations.

In the digital age, Daco Logistics will also strengthen the application of modern information technology, prioritize the most modern specialized management software to enhance business administration, pay attention to upgrading brand values, and shape a friendly corporate culture featured with a fair working environment. “Any strong brand is built on a strong corporate culture. In other words, corporate culture is the soul of the brand, a sustainable differentiator of the business. To establish a strong cultural foundation, a company must build an institutional system from such professional matters as perfection and clarity built on the harmony of rights, responsibility and obligations; knowledge and skills standards; work ethic and attitude; and controlling and analyzing processes. These factors will help leaders to make right decisions and gain the trust and respect of employees and know exactly how effectively they work. This is also what I have pursued to run Daco Logistics in the past 15 years and will continue it in the future as well,” he stressed.

By Van Luong, Vietnam Business Forum