Ninh Thuan Construction Joint Stock Company Determined to Become Strong Regional and National Brand

11:32:46 AM | 6/28/2022

Ninh Thuan Construction Joint Stock Company is currently a leading construction firm and construction material trader in Ninh Thuan province. General Director Nguyen Van Quang said, "All products of the company are made for the construction industry and their quality standards must comply with mandatory regulations. Our determination is to grow and become a strong brand in the region and the whole country.”

Being aware of sustainable development, over the years, the company has always focused on building and applying a TCVN ISO 9001:2008 quality and standard management system and established the LAS-XD 1034 Material Testing Center to test and perfect product quality before marketing. Environment and legal regulations are strictly controlled with periodic and irregular inspections by competent authorities.

The company's output value, revenue and profit has constantly increased. Its tax payment to the State Budget has grown year after year. Specifically, in 2021, despite facing numerous difficulties, employees' salary and income were met. Its revenue reached VND251 billion, or 78.94% of the full-year plan, while its profit was VND1.6 billion, or 101.24% of the plan. Employee average pay was VND7.5 million a month, or 106% of the plan. It paid VND12.225 billion to State coffers.

In 2022, like many peers, the company's business performance is still challenging, given that market prices are increasingly volatile and input supplies are gradually being exhausted. Before this reality, the company has focused on key tasks of enhancing production performance, technological automation and application, and labor productivity improvement, while paying attention to employing abundant local labor resources. The company has step by step modernized production stages in a bid to earn revenue of VND300 billion and a profit of VND1.8 billion; pay an average monthly salary of VND7.5 million to each employee; and pay VND14 billion of tax to the State Budget. The company has also focused on investing in machinery and equipment and automation, while encouraging work performance of employees with good stimulus rewards; reducing costs and applying the ISO 9001-2002 system. At the same time, the firm has stabilized the labor force by changing the management method, attracting new employees to ensure adequate workforce, and strengthened unity within the company.

Ninh Thuan Construction Joint Stock Company always seriously respects laws and policies of the government, and takes part in social security and charity. The company donates money to the "Fund for the poor" and the "Lighting up dreams" Program and joins hands with the local government for socioeconomic development. “We always have policies to support the material and spiritual life of employees like assisting them to repair houses, organizing birthday parties for them and presenting gifts on holidays and anniversaries, granting scholarships, sponsoring books, clothes and tuition fees for employees' children," he added.

In this difficult context, Ninh Thuan Construction Joint Stock Company will continue to stabilize production, maintain growth, ensure jobs and increase incomes for employees; successfully implement the goals of rapid and sustainable development and assert its industry leadership in the local business community.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum