IT Application to All Customs Statistics

9:36:11 AM | 7/4/2022

By accelerating information technology application to customs statistics, Vietnam is considered to be among the Top 4 ASEAN countries in export and import statistics. According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, 100% of customs statistics, from the collection, processing, and analysis to reporting and dissemination, have been applied information technology.

Given its performance in 2016 - 2020, the customs statistics agency is rated an industry leader. 

In addition, Vietnam’s role and position in customs statistics in ASEAN has been increasingly enhanced, and the country is assessed by international experts as one of Top 4 ASEAN countries in import and export statistics. 

State customs statistics, including export and import statistics, is one of the main tasks of the customs sector. For years, information on imports and exports collected and provided by the customs sector has made a great contribution to policymaking and macroeconomic administration.

Currently, Vietnam’s merchandise export and import movements are being increasingly regarded by many domestic and foreign organizations and individuals. To spread the latest export and import statistical data, the General Department of Vietnam Customs is posting statistical information on exported and imported goods periodically on its website.

Specifically, regular information on bi-monthly (15-day) and monthly value and key exports and imports; general information on monthly value and key exports and imports between Vietnam and its major trading partners; brief assessment and analysis of monthly and year-to-date import and export movements; and articles on exports and imports interested by the public are made available on the website.

By Hien Phuc, Vietnam Business Forum