Nam Dinh Safe and Attractive Destination for Tourists

12:20:47 PM | 7/15/2022

Nam Dinh preserves many cultural heritages such as customs, beliefs, religion, relics, handicraft villages and festivals. Going to the sacred land of Nam Dinh, visitors have the opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in the space of traditional marine culture and delta culture.

In the past years, to build the local tourism brand, the Provincial People's Committee and all levels of government directed infrastructure investment in tourist spots; protected and repaired historical and cultural relics, scenic spots and landscapes; preserved and promoted values of intangible cultural heritages; and financed tourism worker training.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Nam Dinh province has strengthened tourism promotion like attending trade fairs and events in the region; organizing conferences, seminars, tours, routes and attractions; hosting “Nam Dinh tourism beauty photo” contest and tourism logo design. It has also cooperated with Red River Delta localities to convey information and images of Nam Dinh tourism products.

According to the department, Nam Dinh province is currently home to 1,330 certified relics, including many spiritual tourist destinations like Phu Day Relic Complex, Tran Temple - Thap Pagoda Complex, Keo Hanh Thien Pagoda Complex, Co Le Pagoda, Cau Ngoi Bridge and Nam Dinh Flagpole. Visiting Nam Dinh, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many famous delicious food specialties of the province like beef noodle soup, big-sized vermicelli, Siu Chau candy, sausage-like candy, peanut candy, Hai Hau longan cake, Ba Thi black cake, xiu pao cake, Giao Thuy spring rolls, fish sauce and Ba Thin sticky rice cake. These products have long made the name of Nam Dinh tourism.

To develop sustainable tourism, the department continues to implement branding solutions built on local identity. The agency focuses on promoting the natural values of Xuan Thuy National Park (recognized by UNESCO as the core area of the Inter-provincial World Biosphere Reserve in the Red River Delta); builds suitable spiritual tourism products that both honor and preserve traditional heritages and create appeal to international tourists. Destinations will be the Mother Goddess Worshipping Center, Phu Day National Historical and Cultural Heritage Complex with Phu Day Festival and the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - Mother Goddess Worshipping Beliefs. The department encourages the participation of domestic tourists at the Tran Temple - Thap Pagoda Special National Historical - Cultural Relic Complex, which is famous for the opening ritual of Tran Temple at the start of the Lunar New Year. It promotes and introduces “Nam Dinh - a safe and friendly destination” to draw more and more tourists to the province. In addition to domestic tourism stimulus, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism cooperates with relevant bodies to probe into regulatory compliance in travel, accommodation and destination business to promptly rectify and settle acts of violation and raise the awareness of law compliance of tourism businesses.

One long-term strategic solution to local tourism development is working out a draft action program for implementation of the Master Strategy for Vietnam Service Development in 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050 with nine specific solutions: Promoting strengths of spiritual and cultural tourism to attract domestic and international tourists to relics and attend festivals at tourist attractions, including Tran Dynasty Cultural Relic Complex with Tran Temple Festival, Phu Day Relic Complex with Phu Day Festival, Co Le Pagoda, Keo Hanh Thien Pagoda, Luong Pagoda, Truong Chinh Memorials, and Catholic churches.

With clear and drastic strategic communications and active participation of all levels of government, sectors and businesses, Nam Dinh province is confident to become a safe and appealing tourist destination.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum