VCCI Kicks Off “Outstanding Entrepreneurs 2022” Award Program

8:37:34 AM | 8/3/2022

The program to vote for Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs of 2022 has many innovations in terms of regulations and voting criteria. It emphasizes transparency in the review process. 

The “Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneur" title was initiated by VCCI in 2006 and has been organized eight times, with 800 entrepreneurs honored and awarded the title.  
At the launching ceremony of the program held on July 30 in Hanoi, Mr. Pham Tan Cong - President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), said that implementing the policy and orientation to develop "Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs” was indeed the national noble title of the Vietnamese business community. This year, VCCI has issued a new Review Regulation, with many important innovations, with a focus on publicity and transparency in the title review.
According to the VCCI President, over the years, the Party and State have implemented policies to develop the business community. On December 9, 2011, the Politburo issued Resolution 09 - NQ/TW on building and promoting the role of Vietnamese businessmen in the period of accelerating industrialization, modernization and international integration. In the Resolution, VCCI was assigned to coordinate with ministries and sectors to build and organize programs to support entrepreneurs, improve competitiveness and integration, and award and honor entrepreneurs.

This year, the event is held in a special context that the country has contained the pandemic; VCCI successfully organized the 7th Party Congress, which adopted a new vision, six key tasks and three strategic breakthroughs, including breakthroughs in building Vietnamese corporate culture, forming and promoting common standards of business ethics among entrepreneurs.
VCCI President Pham Tan Cong emphasized that applying business ethics for the first time was one of the important new points of this year's review program. The application of these rules requires that title winners are not only good business people but also have business ethics and culture and are respected by society.
"Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneur" becomes the noblest title honored by the business community and worthy of national recognition. Accordingly, in terms of quantity, the number of winners this year will be reduced by 40%, and a maximum of only 60 entrepreneurs will be honored this time (compared to 100 of the previous editions). The list of 60 businessmen will be shortlisted to the 10 "Most Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Vietnam" who will receive a special honor.
According to Mr. Cong, the special feature of this program is the transparency in reviewing, no fees and no gift giving. Any violations will result in the application being removed from the review process.
The Review Council will set up working groups of experts, and press representatives led by a member of the Council to visit each enterprise for verification, and meet and discuss directly with the candidates.
Candidates must be best representatives that meet six standards of the Vietnam Code of Business Ethics published by VCCI which are creating economic value for society; law compliance; transparency, fairness, integrity; creativity, cooperation, mutual development; respect for nature, environmental protection; patriotism, responsibility to society and family.
The ceremony to announce and award the title of "Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs" will be held in October 2022, on the occasion of Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day. In the next three years, VCCI will periodically release a set of books on 60 Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs to inspire the society, toward building a Vietnamese business community with ethics and culture, conducting model business, having sustainable development, being a pillar to realize the economic development of the country.
Speaking at the launching ceremony of the review program, business representatives and business associations expressed their agreement with the changes in the review work this year. Ms. Ninh Thi Ty, Chair of the Board of Directors of Ho Guom Group, said, "Our country has more than 800,000 businesses in operation, and there are certainly many excellent entrepreneurs, I expect the program will select 60 best examples to honor and represent the Vietnamese business community, I also hope that VCCI will widely replicate these examples in society so that good features and sound examples are spread far and wide, so that we can soon have a team of good businesses having culture and soft power in international integration, contributing to building a rich, civilized and modern Vietnam. 
Mr. Do Van Ve, Chairman of Thai Binh Provincial Business Association, said, "The title since its inception in 2005 is the highest recognition and honor for worthy individuals, business leaders making great contributions to industries, localities in all aspects from contributing to the budget, creating jobs, participating in social activities.
Mr. Do Van Ve expected that the title review council would evaluate it strictly, objectively, and fairly so that this title would be truly honorable and prestigious to the candidates. Simultaneously, it is important to replicate the model, good examples and practice business ethics principles of Vietnamese businessmen, so that the business community and entrepreneurs across the country join hands with the Party, State and Government to realize the aspiration to build a strong and prosperous Vietnam.
Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission Do Ngoc An, shared, "Objectively, in the majority of very good businesses, there are also a few businesses and entrepreneurs who have tarnished our collective business image. We hope that, with the core role, the pioneering force of VCCI, when launching the selection of outstanding businesses and entrepreneurs, will create a new environment, new way, and new atmosphere for the good, fresh and advanced features of Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs to ‘overwhelm’ the unfulfilled aspects in the development process.”

Source:  Vietnam Business Forum