Customs Resolved to Improve Economy Climate Indicators

9:13:09 AM | 10/4/2022

The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDC) required its subordinates to adopt solutions to improve indicators related to the business environment to ensure effective implementation and achieve the goals as expected by the Government.

In response to governmental instructions, GDC requested its units to thoroughly grasp and effectively perform assigned tasks in Decision 148/QD-TCHQ dated January 28, 2022 of GDC General Director on promulgation of Action Plan for implementation of Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 10, 2022 of the Government on main tasks and solutions for better business environment and higher national competitiveness in 2022. Focus is guided to place on solutions to improve cross-border commercial transactions.

At the same time, they were asked to review the implementation of active action programs and plans regarding the task of improving the business environment, enhancing national competitiveness and concentrating resources on implementing short-term and long-term objectives and tasks.

In compiling, drafting and implementing legal customs documents, GDC required its units to place people and businesses at the heart of reform and carry out institutional reform for innovation development and incentivization of people and businesses. GDC continued to propose plans to reduce and simplify administrative procedures, slash the cost of regulatory compliance with customs administrative procedures and align with digital customs and move towards smart customs. It continued to research, review and propose easing conditional business lines by narrowing the scope of affected industries and trades; eradicating industries and trades from the list if there are other more effective and appropriate management measures or if management requirements lack a scientific and practical basis or without (clear) management objectives.

In particular, GDC units reviewed recommendations and proposals to reduce and simplify business conditions to create business opportunities, cut business costs, enhance competitiveness and tight regular control customs activities. They regularly held dialogues and exchanges with people and enterprises to promptly capture policy feedback and send them to competent bodies for solutions. They focused on the synchronous launch of online public services and ensured a high successful rate of administrative procedures settled electronically. They closely inspected, monitored and evaluated the effectiveness of e-transactions in their service areas.

GDC units strengthened communications, promotion and support for business operations of enterprises, especially SMEs; regularly stepped up inspection and supervision of law enforcement to ensure high regulatory effectiveness and enforcement; ensured discipline for all customs employees in the performance of their official duties, and strictly handled corrupt officials in service to enterprises.

Le Hien (Vietnam Business Forum)