TH “Green Pathway”

10:25:27 AM | 10/11/2022

With a colossal US$1.2 billion dairy project in Nghe An province, TH Group laid a foundation for the fresh organic milk production industry, initiated technologically driven dairy cow farming which applied governance system 4.0 in Vietnam, built the world’s largest centralized hi-tech dairy farm in the world (certified by the World Records Union in 2020), and fully controlled fresh raw milk production and milk processing in a closed chain.

TH Group has kept on redrawing the "Vietnamese dairy map" stretching across the country from Nghe An, Thanh Hoa to Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Phu Yen, Kon Tum, and An Giang.

On TH dairy farms, dairy cows are fed 15-16 different types of silage such as corn, sorghum and sunflower, and offered pure water, cool bath and classical music in addition to delicious meals from TH nutritionists. TH Group has applied technology 4.0, with the first automated machines in Vietnam, along with a smart application to measure infield humidity. Water sprayers with a range of 450 meters automatically pace watering and completely regulate the entire farm, moderating the effects of harsh natural conditions. The barn system is scientifically and synchronously designed, from anti-shock cooling technology in summer and heat-keeping technology in winter to soft, clean standard stables that prevent hoof diseases and give comfort to dairy cows. Given perfect facilities and conditions, TH organic fresh milk always tastes special, delicious and nutritious

With a total designed processing capacity of 500 million liters of milk a year, TH organic fresh milk processing factory in Nghe An province has 22 automated production lines managed by the world-leading modern measurement and control technologies of Simen and Danfoss, and pumping technology of Grandfoss. Especially, the processing and bottling technology is supplied by world-renowned brands like GEA, Combi (Germany), SECMI (Italy) and SERAC (France). The system applies ISO-9001 international standards.

Advanced technological application and product automation enable TH Group to keep nutrients and flavors for a long time without any preservatives, which is better for consumers' health. All dairy products of TH true MILK are completely made from 100% pure fresh cow's milk which is strictly tested for nutritional value such as protein, fat, antibiotic test, physicochemical and microbiological criteria.

The clean fresh milk products of TH Group under the TH true MILK brand have won many international Gold awards such as World Food Moscow (5 consecutive years from 2015 to 2019), ASEAN Best Food Product 2015, Gulfood Dubai 2016, Stevie Awards 2018 and Stevie Awards 2019.

The environment is a pillar that is a special interest of TH Group with the “Treasuring Mother Earth” philosophy which is applied to all of its activities. Before becoming one of the founding members of the Vietnam Business for Environment (VB4E), TH Group was well-known for its leadership in seeking and applying material solutions aligned with environmentally friendly consumption and the use of renewable biological materials.

The nationwide TH true mart system where TH products are sold and introduced has replaced plastic bags with eco-friendly biological materials since May 2018. TH has also launched a series of milk box recollection programs for recycling by giving canvas bags to customers when they bring pasteurized fresh milk boxes branded TH true MILK Organic or TH true MILK TOPKID to TH stores.

Currently, TH true MILK is also the first and only brand in the industry to use millions of yogurt spoons made from eco-friendly bio-based materials instead of plastic spoons. TH Group also innovatively announced the development of milk straws made from advanced bioplastic materials, IngeoTM PLA and BioPBSTM, sourced from botanical materials such as corn, cassava and sugarcane. Replacing plastic straws with biodegradable straws is one of the solutions adopted by TH Group to reduce single-use plastic products.

Before co-founding the Vietnam Business for Environment (VB4E), in June 2019, TH Group and eight leading multinational corporations in Vietnam established the Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam) for a green, clean and beautiful Vietnam by creating a circular economy where 100% of products packaging will be collected and recycled from 2030.

Madam Thai Huong, Founder and Chair of the Strategy Council of TH Group, is known as a game-changer in the dairy industry who helped increase the share of fresh milk from about 8% in 2009, when TH Group was formed, to nearly 54% now. Given her enormous contributions, she has been presented many outstanding domestic and international awards such as Labor Hero in the Innovation Period, Inspiring Leaders Award, Forbes Top 50 Asia's Power Businesswoman in 2015 and 2016. Recently, on May 9, 2022 in Singapore, Madam Thai Huong was named Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwoman 2021 by CSRWorks International in recognition of her achievements in leading sustainable business, as well as her contributions to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Le Hien (Vietnam Business Forum)