Tay Truong Son Construction Co., Ltd Dedicated to Roads of Friendship

9:37:44 AM | 10/21/2022

Currently, road transport dominantly accounts for 70% of traffic in Laos. Therefore, improving transport connectivity is considered a major challenge in economic development there. In a bid to help Laos deal with this issue, Tay Truong Son Construction Co., Ltd has actively joined many important infrastructure projects in Laos.

The ceremony of handing over a bridge in Lao constructed by Tay Truong Son Construction Co., Ltd

The company is specialized in traffic, hydroelectricity, irrigation, civil and industrial construction, with traffic and infrastructure construction being the core. Established in 2008 by passionate, visionary and strategic leaders, staffed by highly qualified staff and furnished by professional equipment and machinery, Tay Truong Son Construction Co., Ltd always cares about construction quality; harmoniously combines knowledge, technology and experience, and conducts serious and methodical investment in every project. Therefore, its projects not only meet satisfaction of partners but are also the brainchild that its employees are dedicated about.

Present in Laos in 2009 with its maiden project - Route No. 21 from Paksan to Thasi, Bolikhamsai province, Tay Truong Son continued to build a road from Paklay Town, Sainyabuli province in 2012. To date, the company has completed more than 30 major projects across Laos, including Road 15B (section Km 100 - Km 112 in Salavan province, completed in 2013); Road 15A (Nathone - Nakhoisao section, Salavan province, completed in 2014); Road 15N (20-km Katao - Tumlan section, Salavan province, completed in 2016), a 9-km road to Nam Theun 1 Hydropower Plant (extended from Road 13S in Bolikhamsai province, completed in 2017) and many other projects in Laos.

In addition, Tay Truong Son constructed a number of civil projects, including a part of Kaluem resettlement area in Sekong province (2016) and a housing facility for Myanmar Embassy in Vientiane, Laos (2018).

Director Phan Dinh Thi said, “Despite numerous difficulties and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, like other companies, Tay Truong Son had to gradually address emerging problems, closely follow market developments and complete and hand over projects to Laos on schedule. Typical projects included an 11-km ADB-funded road for Muangphine town, Savannakhet province (valued at more than US$4 million); a 22.5-km 13S road upgrade project in Ban Thamphouang village linked with Mekong Ferry (Ban Dan), Salavan province, Laos (worth US$2.1 million, funded by ADB). Especially, the US$2.5-million Houylongkong wastewater treatment and flood control project for Kaysone Phomvihane City, Savannakhet province is the first and largest wastewater treatment and flood control project in Laos to date. With those efforts, Tay Truong Son Construction Co., Ltd has been awarded many admirable titles, especially the Third-class Labor Order by the Laotian government in 2021.

Perhaps, the presence of Tay Truong Son in those large-scale projects has partly confirmed the professional capacity, prestige and class of a Vietnamese enterprise in the eyes of international partners. This is also a basis and motivation for the company to execute two bidding packages funded by ADB and two other packages funded by EIB as well as quarry rock for the construction of a road to Nam Mo 2 Hydropower Plant. “The company is currently concentrating human resources to successfully achieve constructional quality and progress of these projects. Tay Truong Son is always ready to support and join forces with others for the development of Laos,” he added.

With its projects, Tay Truong Son has been helping build traffic infrastructure in Laos, improve regional connectivity and strengthen domestic trade connectivity, hence enabling Laos to enhance its international competitiveness and cultivate a friendship between Vietnam and Laos.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum