OCOP Program Fosters Phu Tho Provincial Rural Development

9:50:49 AM | 11/4/2022

Phu Tho is known to have a lot of indigenous agricultural products and specialties, and is endowed with a lot of advantages for the implementation of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program. The province’s typical OCOP products include Doan Hung pomelo, green tea, Thanh Son sour meat, Tan Son spur rooster, yellow banana, seedless persimmon, Ga Gay sticky rice and yellow potatoes.

According to the Phu Tho Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province is home to 52 provincially certified OCOP products of 29 producers, including 18 4-star products and 32 3-star products. Phu Tho targets to have 282 certified OCOP products assigned 3-star or higher, including 11 5-star certified products - national items, 75 4-star products and 142 3-star products - provincial items.

The department said that, to achieve given goals, it is necessary to strengthen the role and responsibility of all stakeholders from provincial to the grassroots levels in carrying out the program; have mechanisms and policies to support and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives, and production households to join the OCOP Program to promote their products on e-commerce platforms in the province such as GiaoThuong.net.vn or nongsan.phutho.gov.vn. Provincially certified OCOP products are promoted on the National OCOP Product Management and Monitoring System (ocopvietnam.gov.vn) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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