Bee Logistics Wins “National Brand“ Award

1:37:11 PM | 11/4/2022

Bee Logistics was honoured on November 2 to receive the National Brand Award for the first time.

2022 is the 8th time the National Brand Award is held. Among more than 1,000 applications for selection, Bee Logistics is one of 172 enterprises eligible to receive this prestigious award.

The National Brand Award is the only trade promotion program at the Government level, aimed at developing strong brands of Vietnamese enterprises. This prestigious award is recognized by the Government, the business community, and consumers who recognize and honour the values ​​of "Quality - Innovation, creativity - Pioneering capacity".

After nearly 20 years of establishment and development, the program has contributed to promoting the role of brands in adding value to products as well as the value of businesses, thereby enhancing competitiveness for businesses and affirming the position of Vietnamese brands. The product of Bee Logistics that won this award is the Bee Logistics freight service award thanks to meeting 3 selection criteria: quality, innovation and pioneering capacity.

Through 18 years of establishment and development, from a small company with 3 members on the first day of its establishment, Bee Logistics has had a remarkable development so far with 23 domestic offices, 17 branch offices abroad with more than 1,000 employees.

The impressive attraction that Bee Logistics creates is its superior and outstanding freight products and services thanks to competitive prices, the ability to arrange immediate loading, as well as innovative and creative initiatives to create new transportation products and services on the market, meeting the special needs of each customer. In particular, one of Bee's strengths is always finding new points in the world to connect, and creating logistics solutions for customers that are both relevant and competitive. Bee Logistics' services range from sea, road, air, and customs to multimodal transportation services.

By Vietnam Business Forum