DEEP C Cooperating with International Organization and Vocational School to Help Vietnamese Workers and SME’S

9:39:30 AM | 11/14/2022

At the occasion of their 25-year celebration, DEEP C Industrial Zones, the large European Industrial Park developer operating in Haiphong and Quang Ninh Province, has signed various cooperation agreements with international partners and vocational schools, as part of their vision and strategy to contribute to development of the local labour force and supply chain in Vietnam. Through the partnerships, DEEP C intends to increase the skills of local labour force and capacity of SME’s and link them to their large customer base in their industrial park.

DEEP C is operating 5 industrial parks, spanning both Haiphong and Quang Ninh Province. 140 clients are already operating in the industrial parks, representing more than 5 billion USD of investment and many more are expected to invest in the park in the coming years. DEEP C is with this contributing to the large industrialisation boom of Vietnam and Haiphong in particular. The developments of DEEP C do not only represent an opportunity for international companies but offer large opportunities for the Vietnamese people and companies to benefit from the industrial growth of the area.

“With DEEP C we believe there is only one future, and this future has to be sustainable” explains Bruno Jaspaert, General Director of DEEP C Industrial Zones. “Given our close interactions with local government, local communities and our large client base, we want to play an active role in contributing to the growth and the benefit of Vietnamese companies and the local communities. This is part of our vision and way we want to implement our business in Vietnam”.

DEEP C is already largely investing in environmental and social projects such as renewable energy, water treatment and responsible farming amongst many others. With the development of the current partnerships, they are looking to increase the development of value-added services to their clients, improving access to skilled labour and local suppliers, which will also largely benefit to the community around Haiphong.

“Through the partnerships with GIZ from Germany, the VIET NAM – KOREA COLLEGE OF QUANG NINH and LILAMA 2 INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, we will work together in close cooperation with our clients in DEEP C, to develop appropriate training programs based upon the needs of the industry in DEEP C” explains Melissa Slabbaert, Head of the DEEP C’ Sustainability Department, implementing the new services. “Especially the cooperation with Lilama2 International Technology college, which has already a long-term cooperation with Germany in Dong Nai, shows that through cooperation we can bring the expertise of the southern part of Vietnam to the north to help to further develop the expertise here”.

Through the cooperation of USAID/LINKSME, DEEP C will be able to offer matchmaking services between Vietnamese small and medium sized companies (SME’s) and international companies and assist the Vietnamese SME’s with improving their capacities in order to make them more fit to work with international companies. “More and more international companies are looking to source from Vietnam rather than to import, but Vietnamese companies struggle to get in touch with these international companies” explains Paul Weijers, Senior Advisor at LinkSME. “Through the cooperation with DEEP C, we can now assist a large number of international companies and link them with Vietnamese suppliers which will contribute to the development of the local supply chain in Haiphong and Quang Ninh”. 

In addition, the dynamic industrial zone developer is also looking to develop childcare services in DEEP C to help mothers in their challenges of combining work with their family tasks. And much more is to come as we understand.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum