Opportunity for Vietnamese Handicrafts to Go Global

10:39:21 AM | 11/22/2022

B2B e-commerce platform Alibaba.com recently introduced its Verified Supplier Membership to sellers in several global markets. Vietnam is one of those markets, along with suppliers in China, Italy, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Turkey. Vietnam is currently the country with the most Verified Suppliers compared with other markets.

One of the successful Vietnamese Verified Suppliers on Alibaba.com is Indochina Creative Development and Investment Joint Stock Company with the brand Viettime Craft. The company specializes in the production of handicraft products such as baskets, baskets, and lacquerware. Established in 2007, Viettime Craft is reputable and famous for its high-quality products, beautiful designs, reasonable prices, and on-time delivery. Viettime Craft's products have been exported and received warmly by customers from Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia, etc over the years.

Viettime Craft is always conscious of environmental protection and contributes to preserving the global green. The company's products are made from natural materials such as water hyacinth, rattan, bamboo, palm leaves, and sea grass... creating environmentally friendly "green products".

With a mind of always being innovative, and creative, and focusing on improving product quality and customer experience, Viettime Craft became the Gold supplier of Alibaba.com in 2015 and got the first order after 2 months of business. After 2 years of operating the Alibaba.com account, Viettime Craft expanded the import-export department from 3 employees to 20 employees and registered an additional Gold Supplier account on Alibaba.com in 2017 to serve a new product line.

Ms. Hoang Thanh Tam - CEO of Indochina Creative Investment & Development JSC, shared: “Since becoming a Verified Supplier, the number of visitors to our Alibaba store each month ranges from 20,000 to 30,000, with 300 to 400 orders per month, these are 6 times the industry average on Alibaba.com and our transaction value has reached $5 million.”

In 2018, a factory meeting American and European standards were launched, since then Viettime Craft has continuously expanded its business, and prepared internal resources so that by 2022, the business confidently upgraded its booth to Verified Supplier on Alibaba.com. This is a store that is extremely trusted by customers, to conquer customers in the most competitive markets.

To become a Verified Supplier, Viettime Craft had to go through a verification process provided by a creditable international third party, including considering 100 criteria in 8 categories: After-sales guarantee, Company profile, Main products, Quality Management, Production Capability, Research, and Development Capability, Service Capability, Supply Chain Capability.

This assessment is carried out by one of the world's leading certification companies, SGS. By using this third-party verification consulting service, the buyer can rest assured that the supplier is completely objectively verified and free of any bias.

In order to receive recognition from SGS, businesses must provide detailed information about the business as well as each product posted on Alibaba.com's online stores. Some of them are product descriptions, product illustrations, or instructions for use. As a result of this meticulous verification process, the business will be officially recognized as a Verified Supplier, distinguished by the Verified Supplier Badge. Buyers can see this badge in the platform's search results, on product pages, and on the supplier's company profile.

By introducing the Verified Supplier Membership package, Alibaba.com would like to emphasize Vietnamese SMEs production capability, product and service quality to global B2B buyers in order to create more business opportunities.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum