Hanoi: Each District Has One OCOP Showroom Linked to Tourism by 2025

4:20:49 PM | 11/23/2022

Hanoi People's Committee recently announced a plan on developing centers responsible for designing, manufacturing, promoting and marketing OCOP products and handicraft villages linked to tourism in districts and towns in the period to 2025.

The plan aims to create an enabling environment for rural industrial and handicraft manufacturers to make creative designs, introduce, promote and sell OCOP products (One Commune One Product - OCOP) and handicrafts linked to experience and discovery tourism, thus helping economic restructuring in rural areas.

Moreover, the plan also aims to improve the value of handicrafts, OCOP products and cottage industries, build value chains from creative design, production - processing, marketing (domestic and international tourist markets) by preserving and promoting traditional cultural values of handicraft villages that also have community tourism, agricultural and rural tourism in the circular economy in a bid to develop and implement the National Target Program on New Rural Development in 2021-2025. At the same time, the plan will establish an interconnected environment for artisans, young designers with an entrepreneurial spirit, research institutes, universities and international organizations to foster local cultural advantages and economic development aspirations of traditional handicraft villages in districts and towns.

According to the plan, each district/town will have at least one center for designing, creating, introducing, promoting and marketing OCOP products and handicraft villages linked with tourism by the end of 2025.

 Source: Vietnam Business Forum