Son La Aimed to Become Northwest Agricultural Processing Center

3:26:10 PM | 12/6/2022

Son La province has risen to become the largest agricultural production and processing center in the Northwest in recent years. Flourishing agricultural production not only helps improve people's lives but also affirms right and effective approaches of the province.

The mountainous border province of Son La has a tropical climate, very favorable for growing agricultural, forest and aquatic products and diversifying high-quality agricultural products. The province has 84,800 ha of fruit trees like mango, longan, plum, banana, passion fruit, strawberry, custard apple, avocado, grapefruit and persimmon, harvested over 450,000 tons of fruits. As many as 24 agricultural products were protected by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP); 240 supply chains of safe agricultural and aquatic products have been built, maintained and developed; 241 planting area codes have been applied to over 3,860 ha of fruit trees for export; good agricultural practices (GAP) or equivalent standards have been applied to more than 5,000 ha of crops; and 83 OCOP products have been certified.

Son La province has 560 agricultural processors (17 factories and 543 households). Typical processors include processing factories of passion fruit, vegetables, tubers and fruits for export of Nafoods Group in Moc Chau district; high-tech processing and preserving factory of agricultural products of Korea IC Food Group in Van Ho district; fresh fruit and herb processing factory of TH Group in Van Ho district; and DOVECO Son La fruit and vegetable processing center of Dong Giao Export Food Joint Stock Company.

Local agricultural products have entered into supply chains operated by giant domestic distribution systems such as Big C, Winmart and Hapro Mart; and many e-commerce platforms. 17 agricultural products are exported to foreign markets such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea, China and the UAE.

Mr. Ha Nhu Hue, Director of Son La Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that to concretize the resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Congress, the Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 08-NQ/TU dated January 21, 2021 on concentrated, sustained and tech-driven development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries to 2025, with an eye to 2030. “To promote green growth; to quickly and sustainably develop Son La into a high-tech agricultural development center of the Northwest” and “to carry out Resolution 08, the Provincial People's Committee launched action plans and projects; established a working group to monitor the execution of the resolution; and encouraged and attracted businesses, cooperatives and people to invest in agricultural and rural development.

From now to 2025, Son La province is determined to foster fruit development into a large-scale commercial production, capably compete in the international market, restructure and modernize agriculture.

In the coming time, Son La province will strengthen scientific and technological application, with focus placed on intensive farming, organic agriculture, high-tech application and product quality. At the same time, the province will develop planting area codes to meet export requirements; strengthen stakeholder connectivity (farmers - government - entrepreneurs - banks - scientists - distributors) with the core being farmers and entrepreneurs.

The province's support policies have provided strong impetus for local agriculture. Currently, Son La has become the second largest fruit producer by acreage in the country.

In particular, Son La will concentrate on attracting leading enterprises with strong capital, technology and marketing capacities to effectively lead value chains; develop production - processing and consumption clusters; and form industrial and service zones for export.

“This will thus help realize the goal of developing Son La into a hi-tech agricultural development center and an agricultural processing center in the Northwest,” he added.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum