International cooperation to improve the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting

4:08:38 PM | 12/8/2022

The signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the General Department of Market Management (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and the business organization COOPERATIVE VERNIGING SNB-REACT U.A in the Asia Pacific region on coordination in the fight against goods Counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights took place on the morning of December 8, in Hanoi.

Deputy General Director of General Department of Market Management Nguyen Thanh Binh

Attending the event were Deputy Director General of the General Department of Market Management (General Department of Market Management) Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chief of Office of the General Department Nguyen Minh Phuong, Acting Director of the General Department of Planning and Finance Vu Thi Minh Ngoc, Deputy Director of the Department. Head of the Department of Information Management Professionals Nguyen Duc Le and a large number of officials and civil servants in the force. On the React side, there were the attendance of Mr. Jonathan Selvasegram - Director in charge of the Asia Pacific region and many other related delegates.

The signing ceremony aims to increase the efficiency of market inspection and supervision in order to detect and promptly handle acts of production, storage, display, transportation and trading of goods that are imported goods counterfeit goods, goods that infringe the intellectual property rights of members in React in accordance with the current laws of Vietnam.

Sharing at the signing ceremony, Deputy General Director Nguyen Thanh Binh said that over the past time, the information management force has implemented many measures and built many plans to check and control against infringements of property rights intellectual property, counterfeit goods and commercial fraud, initially obtained many positive results; become an important force in the fight against counterfeit goods and goods infringing intellectual property rights in the domestic market.

The signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding to improve the effectiveness of the fight against counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights

However, the Deputy General Director said that this result has not been achieved as expected, the anti-counterfeiting work has not yet brought high efficiency. The causes are many, both subjective and objective such as: methods and tricks of production and trade are increasingly sophisticated and complex; enforcement mechanism is also anti-cross; limited resources; public awareness has not been enhanced... Especially, according to the Deputy Director General, the main reason in this war is the limited coordination between enforcement agencies and businesses.

“Only businesses know best about the products they manufacture and distribute in the market. Therefore, the coordination in providing information of the right holder enterprises plays an important role in the fight against counterfeit goods and goods infringing upon intellectual property rights", said the Deputy Director General, emphasizing that fighting Preventing and combating the production and sale of counterfeit goods and infringing upon intellectual property rights is a very difficult, complex and long-term task requiring the efforts of all levels, sectors, functional forces and the active participation of the whole society.

The Deputy General Director affirmed that the information management force is ready to share information on mechanisms, policies, legal documents, and make transparent the processes and procedures for handling violations; create conditions for enterprises to participate in the investigation and handling of information management when necessary to shorten the time and enhance the investigation efficiency; handle as soon as possible complaints of React members related to violations. At the same time, the information management force is ready to listen to businesses' opinions on difficulties and obstacles in the coordination mechanism to strengthen the cooperation relationship between enterprises and enforcement agencies.

React member businesses have organized to display and introduce the identification of real - fake signs

Therefore, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property rights infringement between the General Department of Information Management and React represents a methodical, close and influential cooperation on a global scale. country; demonstrating the determination of both sides in the fight against counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights, Deputy Director General Nguyen Thanh Binh affirmed once again.

About React, Mr. Jonathan Selvasegram said, React is a SNN React U.A enterprise organization based in the Netherlands. This is a non-profit organization with nearly 30 years of experience in anti-counterfeiting work. React has more than 320 members who are large companies and corporations in the world with brands in many fields such as: apparel, cosmetics, electronics, communication, information technology, agriculture, food , pharmaceuticals... React has an international network with many offices and strategic partners in many countries, with the task of cooperating and coordinating with relevant agencies in countries to fight counterfeiting, protect the legitimate interests of members.

Especially, in the past 2 years, React has established 5 more main offices in Asia, with headquarters located in countries and territories: Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India and Hong Kong.

“React members highly appreciate the effectiveness of the anti-counterfeiting and consumer protection work of the functional forces in Vietnam in general and the information management force in particular. Brands are extremely eager to have the support and cooperation of the information management force in protecting their brands and products," said Mr. Jonathan Selvasegram.

After signing, the two sides will jointly develop action plans; inspection and control plans, focusing on each type of item, each field, in each specific time with the goal of checking and handling effectively counterfeit goods and goods infringing the rights of successful enterprises. members of React, contributing to improving the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting work in general.

Within the framework of the event, a workshop on methods of distinguishing goods - fake goods for officials of information management in Hanoi will also be held to provide useful and practical information for inspection and detection. counterfeit goods, infringing upon the intellectual property of the enforcement forces.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum