Entrepreneur Vu Duy Bong and His Aspirations for Hoa Binh Province’s Development

10:00:16 AM | 1/4/2023

Born and raised in Hanoi, Vu Duy Bong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoa Binh Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company, has special affection for Hoa Binh province and always considers it his second home. After 16 years of attachment, with all his enthusiasm and intellect, he has helped change the face of this land by developing industrial parks, urban areas and high-class resorts.

Mr. Vu Duy Bong

In 2005, when the market economy developed strongly, industrial parks in some key economic regions drew momentum for robust development. However, unlike other businesses that opted to invest in advantageous localities, Bong moved northwest to Hoa Binh and decided to invest in Luong Son Industrial Park, becoming a pioneering promoter of Hoa Binh industrial development.

At present, Luong Son Industrial Park has attracted many domestic and foreign investors engaged in various industries like telecommunications equipment, garment, steel, mechanical engineering, auto parts, aluminum and construction glass. Tenants are manufacturing new products to local industry and employing over 20,000 workers. They have helped restructure production and promote local economic development and social security. In 2009, Hoa Binh Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company continued to invest in Chan De Port Urban Area and 4-star An Thinh Hotel, which is still now considered a high-class urban area with modern construction planning and synchronous connectivity with traffic infrastructure in Hoa Binh City.

In 2016, after successfully taking 100% of shares from Hoa Binh Tourism Joint Stock Company, he established Hoa Binh Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company and decided to invest in two more 5-star high-class eco-resorts in Hoa Binh Lake. Robinson Natural Resort Project, commercially called Cullinan Hoa Binh Resort, covers 43.7 ha and costs a total of nearly VND1,200 billion for construction. When completed, this will become the first 5-star world-class resort in Hoa Binh province, with 283 tourist villas, 120 condotel rooms and many other amenities. The other project is Ho Tien Ngoi Hoa Eco-resort, expected to be put into operation in 2023.

These projects, once in operation, will help give a facelift to the locality, create jobs and meet housing needs of people, provide high-quality services, attract tourists and boost socioeconomic development.

Not only taking the lead in business, Hoa Binh Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company and entrepreneur Vu Duy Bong are also pioneers in local social security movements. Significant activities include supporting the Fund for the Poor, financing study promotion funds, policy-benefited families, war invalids and martyrs’ families, and Agent Orange victim associations.

Bong said that since its inception the company has always been aware that, to succeed, it must pursue sustainable values created from the elements: "Truth - Mind - Wisdom - Trust". The company orients development based on its capacity, long-term investment on the basis of sustainable cultural foundation and social responsibility to the community.

In the coming time, he will continue with his new plans in Hoa Binh province. He wishes to do bigger things to change the way Hoa Binh leisure tourism works and improve local people’s quality of life. Thus, he not only extends his journey to elevate his second homeland and affirms the company’s position as a leader of investment, construction, industry, real estate, tourism and resort, but also contributes to local economic, cultural and social development, creates more tourism products imbued with locally distinctive identity for the whole nation.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum