Cam Mountain Cable Car Breaking Many Records

9:36:27 AM | 2/14/2023

There is an undeniable fact that at Lam Vien Nui Cam tourist area, especially the cable car system, a record number of visitors has arrived during this Tet holiday and shown no signs of cooling down. This outcome results from the great efforts that the tourism industry and investors in An Giang province are determined to make dramatic changes in the cultural and tourism environment.

After the Tet holiday, Cam Mountain Cable Car has kept increasing service delivery

Changes to make breakthroughs

An Giang has an extremely rich tourism ecosystem, characterized by identity and diversity. Nature endows this riverhead land with invaluable resources - which are ingredients for creating spiritual tourism, religious tourism, ecological tourism, medical tourism, garden tourism, river tourism, rural tourism and historical tourism. Scenic landscapes, service culture and tourism infrastructure are rapidly changing and creating a new look. None other than businesses and investors are always keen on building images and intrinsic values.

Morning clouds over the Cam Mountain Spiritual Complex

Cam Mountain is popularly known for its majestic sacredness and fascinating spiritual legends. For centuries, thrilling and mysterious stories about this mountain have been passed from generation to generation and made it a national spiritual tourism brand.

On the peak of holly Cam Mountain

Cam Mountain contains tangible and intangible values that cannot be seen elsewhere. In addition to famous temples and shrines, there are a lot of charming attractions from the foot to the top of the mountain, including Thanh Long Brook, Ong The Cave, Ong Ho Cave, Thien Tue Gorge, Dau Gorge, Ba Gorge, Ong Buom Gorge, Chu Than Gorge, Cay Que Gorge, Moi Coi Gorge, Da Dung Gorge, Phao Binh Gorge, Bach Tuong Gorge, Thuy Liem Cave, Bo Hong Gorge, Hoi Gorge and Cuu Huyen Palace. Whether they like or not, they must visit when they set foot on the majestic and magnificent That Son Mountains.

Cam Mountain Cable Car, 3.5km long, will bring visitors across the sea of looming clouds to admire the panoramic view of the majestic mountain.

No matter how they are elucidated, the mysteries and supernature of That Son Mountains, especially Cam Mountain, have been deeply ingrained in people's subconsciousness. The majesty, solemnity, purity and appealing beauty of this place cannot be verbally described. Only by exploring, discovering and experiencing themselves, can visitors fully understand the charm of this place.

Tangerine on the sacred Cam Mountain has become a specialty that attracts customers for its unique sweet and sour taste

Delicious fruits are offered at the buffet party in Cam Mountain Cable Car from the 20th and 29th days of the first lunar month

That Son is a unique feature of this spiritual land. In particular, Cam Mountain illuminates the most mysterious, sacred, majestic and poetic beauty. And, all the flora and fauna ecosystems on Cam Mountain are the soul of the realm of heavenly fairies and deities.

This is a route with two stops in An Giang. Ba Chua Xu Temple on Sam Mountain is the first stop that is likened to a respectful welcome to visitors from all over the world and the Cam Mountain is the next stop of worship.

Previously, weak transportation infrastructure and rudimentary means of transport hindered visitors from visiting this sacred land. Now, all these problems have been resolved for the peace and satisfaction of visitors. Boosted by supportive visitors, An Giang tourism continues to make a breakthrough and Cam Mountain Cable Car is expected to make a record of visitor arrivals

Khanh Van (Vietnam Business Forum)